Part of MKWS-322. Change all references from mkws-widget-termlists.js to mkws-widget...
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / examples / htdocs / mike2.html
2014-10-30 Mike TaylorPart of MKWS-322. Change all references from mkws-widge...
2014-10-20 Mike TaylorAdd team attributes (new-style).
2014-10-17 Mike TaylorFix widget class from mkws-authname to mkws-auth-name.
2014-10-17 Mike Taylormike.html and mike2.html now both get mkws.css from...
2014-10-17 Mike Taylormike2.html made a copy of mike.html but with new-style...
2014-10-09 Wolfram SchneiderFinish Update Handlebars to 2.0.0
2014-09-30 Mike TaylorInclude empty SRU widget.
2014-09-30 Mike TaylorFix HTML comment.
2014-09-23 Wolfram Schneiderupdate to handlebars-v1.3.0.js
2014-09-22 Mike TaylorComment on SRU URL to use.
2014-09-22 Mike TaylorScaffolding.
2014-09-22 Mike TaylorTowards an SRU widget demo.
2014-09-22 Mike TaylorUse sp-mkws for SP authentication and access.
2014-06-27 Wolfram Schneiderfix pathes for new mkws.js build process
2014-06-11 Wolfram Schneiderrun everything locally, without
2014-06-10 Mike TaylorModified to be a recipient for mike.html's source-facet...
2014-05-29 Mike TaylorWorking SP auth that re-uses sessions.
2014-05-28 Mike TaylorAdd commented-out alternative service_proxy_auth
2014-05-28 Mike TaylorFormatting
2014-05-28 Mike TaylorRemove irrelevant mkws_config.responsive_design_width
2014-05-28 Mike TaylorNew
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorNo longer needed
2014-02-05 Mike TaylorUse class rather than id for mkwsStat.
2014-02-04 Mike TaylorUse class rather than id for mkwsLang.
2014-02-04 Mike TaylorUse class rather than id for mkwsTargets.
2014-02-04 Mike TaylorUse a class for mkwsResults instead of an ID.
2014-02-04 Mike TaylorUse classes instead of IDs for mkwsSearch and mkwsSwitch.
2014-01-29 Mike TaylorWell, mike2.html is back, as a simple by-hand regressio...
2014-01-27 Mike TaylorObsolete
2014-01-27 Mike TaylorRemove unnecessary copyright tag.
2014-01-24 Mike TaylorSimplify down to a single standard set.
2014-01-23 Mike TaylorCompletely rework to include two separate widget teams.
2014-01-23 Mike TaylorAdd two additional mkwsRecords elements.
2014-01-23 Mike TaylorRemove default to Danish
2014-01-10 Mike TaylorAdd Arabic translations to mike2.html sandbox.
2013-12-17 Wolfram Schneiderinclude jquery.json-2.4.js lib
2013-12-09 Mike TaylorChange all references to libjs-pz2/pz2api.1.js to pazpa...
2013-12-06 Mike TaylorNew, only for Mike's use.