Merge remote branch 'origin/MKWS-229'
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / examples / htdocs / mike.html
2014-07-02 Wolfram SchneiderMerge remote branch 'origin/MKWS-229'
2014-06-27 Mike Tayloruse Orex library, no autosearch
2014-06-27 Wolfram Schneiderfix pathes for new mkws.js build process
2014-06-11 Wolfram Schneiderrun everything locally, without
2014-06-10 Mike TaylorAdd new mkwsTemplate_facet-Sources template.
2014-06-10 Mike TaylorExample of an active facet-heading.
2014-06-09 Mike TaylorAdd URL-parameter target selection.
2014-06-09 Mike TaylorAdd target specification to autosearch.
2014-06-09 Mike TaylorRevert CSS, add autosearch.
2014-06-06 Mike TaylorUse explicit SP-auth URL with "check" action.
2014-06-06 Mike TaylorGo back to using mkwsResults.
2014-06-06 Mike TaylorRemove autosearches.
2014-06-06 Mike TaylorAdd conflicting second autosearch.
2014-06-06 Mike TaylorDouble autosearch
2014-06-06 Mike TaylorRemove facets configuration.
2014-06-06 Mike TaylorBack to standard simple app.
2014-06-06 Mike TaylorCopy of Wolfram's
2014-06-03 Mike TaylorMike's playground now used for Reference widget.
2014-05-20 Mike TaylorUse the new Credo-emulation MKC library.
2014-05-20 Mike TaylorAdd mkws-widget-reference.js to the in-progress Credo...
2014-05-20 Mike TaylorRemove irrelevant Config widget.
2014-05-16 Mike TaylorAdd an mkwsConfig widget to set perpage to 10.
2014-05-16 Mike TaylorRework mike.html to be a playfound for the Credo widget.
2014-05-16 Mike TaylorChange to run Jason's Reference Universe widget.
2014-05-15 Mike TaylorAdd an MOTD
2014-05-15 Mike TaylorUndefine $ immediately after including MKWS.
2014-05-14 Mike TaylorUndefine $, for testing on bug MKWS-185.
2014-05-14 Mike TaylorUse jQuery v1.10.0 rather than v1.11.0
2014-05-14 Mike TaylorUse protocol-independent URLs
2014-05-14 Mike TaylorInclude each MKWS component separately.
2014-05-01 Mike TaylorSet up resize-aware containers for mkwsSearch.
2014-04-30 Mike TaylorAdd responsive_design_width.
2014-04-30 Mike TaylorTest scripts pull in new mkws-widget.js and mkws-widget...
2014-04-29 Mike TaylorUse as testbed for Reference widget.
2014-04-29 Mike TaylorAdd MOTD
2014-04-28 John Malconianexamples/htdocs/mike.html
2014-04-28 Mike TaylorMike's playground goes back to the vanilla MKWS applica...
2014-04-26 Mike TaylorExample of !var!name autosearch.
2014-04-17 Mike TaylorAdd unstyled Categories widget for testing/development.
2014-04-16 Mike TaylorUse a ConsoleBuilder widget instead of a regular Builder.
2014-04-16 Mike TaylorAdd mkwsBuilder node.
2014-04-16 Mike TaylorReinstate mkwsTermlists into mike.html
2014-04-15 Mike TaylorChange ALL id="mkws*" to class="mkws*", as use of IDs...
2014-04-15 Mike TaylorPut the third facet and mkwsTargets back into the regul...
2014-04-08 Mike TaylorAdd mkwsDone widget.
2014-04-08 Mike TaylorNew layout with one facet separated from the others.
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorNew regular-ass body
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorComment out the SVG
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorAdd some SVG. Just a placeholder till we're ready to...
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorUse <div></div> instead of <div/>
2014-04-04 Mike TaylorUse Amazon cover-art widet.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse the Lolcat widget.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSearch for "lolcat" instead of sauropod.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse "GoogleImage" subclass widget.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse "target" attribute instead of "targetfilter"
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse new mkwsImage class.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSpecify template-name, referring to a now-hardwired...
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSauropod version
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse image-display template.
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorBack to mkwsRecord (singular)
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorSet maxrecs=1
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse mkwsRecord rather than mkwsRecords
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorBack to Google Images -- there's some problem with...
2014-04-03 Mike TaylorUse Flickr rather then Google Images.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorTrying to find images.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorUse an mkwsRecord element.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorOops, reinstate accidentally deleted line.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorUse targetfilter attribute instead of torusquery
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorAdd limit.
2014-04-02 Mike Taylortorusquery selects targets by category.
2014-04-02 Mike TaylorTargets are now specified by torusquery.
2014-04-01 Mike TaylorSet perpage parameter in auto-searcher.
2014-04-01 Mike TaylorAuto-executing body.
2014-03-31 Mike TaylorAdd a logging div.
2014-03-31 Mike TaylorSweet, sweet use of data-mkws-config to change facet...
2014-03-26 Mike TaylorAdd mkwsAuthname widget, and CSS styling.
2014-03-26 Mike TaylorSingle version with low-level components.
2014-03-26 Mike TaylorTwo-team version.
2014-03-26 Mike TaylorResizebale.
2014-03-25 Mike TaylorAdd an mkwsMOTD element.,
2014-03-21 Mike TaylorBreak mkwsResults down to its components.
2014-03-18 Mike TaylorRevert mike.html to a vanilla search UI.
2014-03-17 Mike TaylorNew mike.html, tests jQuery plugin.
2014-03-05 Mike TaylorMike's playground reverted to an auto-widget.
2014-03-04 Mike TaylorChange Mike's playground to two-team version.
2014-03-03 Mike TaylorSimplify
2014-02-28 Mike TaylorCopy of mobile.html
2014-02-28 Mike TaylorLolcat demo
2014-02-28 Mike TaylorTwo teams.
2014-02-28 Mike TaylorBack to simple sandbox.
2014-02-19 Mike TaylorUse Flickr instead of Google images.
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorLolcat widget it GO!
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorUse updated template rules
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorShorten magic div.
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorAdd image alt-text (from title).
2014-02-18 Mike TaylorResole
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorReinstate SP-auth configuration to use Paratext library.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorAll change, back to a derivative of auto-paratext.html
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorMike's playground changes again ...
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous content.