update <title>
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / examples / htdocs / jasmine.html
2015-01-15 Mike TaylorAll src= and href= references to objects in src or...
2014-10-22 Wolfram SchneiderUpgrade demos to use new-style class-names, MKWS-306
2014-10-16 Wolfram Schneidertest with "mkws-complete.min.js"
2014-10-15 Wolfram Schneideradd mkwsMOTD section
2014-10-15 Wolfram Schneiderswitch to sp_auth_credentials authentification
2014-10-09 Wolfram Schneidersimplify code, and test with tools/htdocs/mkws-complete...
2014-09-23 Wolfram Schneiderupdate to handlebars-v1.3.0.js
2014-09-23 Wolfram Schneiderfix service_proxy_auth
2014-09-22 Mike TaylorUse sp-mkws for SP authentication and access.
2014-07-21 Wolfram Schneiderrun jasmine test at DOM ready, MKWS-237
2014-06-27 Wolfram Schneiderfix pathes for new mkws.js build process
2014-04-17 Wolfram Schneideruse of IDs is deprecated
2014-04-15 Mike TaylorChange ALL id="mkws*" to class="mkws*", as use of IDs...
2014-04-14 Wolfram Schneiderrun with standard SP MKWS test account
2014-04-07 Wolfram Schneidersome *.js files moved from tools/htdocs to ./src
2014-03-07 Wolfram SchneiderMinimum jquery version is now 1.7.2 (was 1.6.4)
2014-03-06 Heikki LevantoUnit tests for the MOTD MKWS-134
2014-02-03 Wolfram Schneiderupgrade from jquery-1.4.4.min.js to jquery-1.6.4.min...
2014-01-22 Wolfram Schneidertest with protocol independend link, MKWS-103
2014-01-22 Wolfram SchneiderHTTPS tests
2014-01-22 Wolfram Schneideruse relative links, or protocol independend links,...
2014-01-10 Wolfram Schneiderno links outside of the document root, MKWS-94
2014-01-08 Wolfram Schneiderrun all JS files locally
2014-01-08 Wolfram Schneidernew jasmine location
2013-12-18 Wolfram Schneidershow only 10 hits by default, looks better
2013-12-17 Wolfram Schneiderinclude jquery.json-2.4.js lib
2013-12-13 Wolfram Schneiderfix title
2013-12-12 Wolfram SchneiderHandlebars doesn't like being hot-included from its...
2013-12-10 Wolfram Schneiderinclude JS framework handlebars.runtime-v1.1.2.js
2013-12-09 Mike TaylorChange all references to libjs-pz2/pz2api.1.js to pazpa...
2013-11-01 Wolfram Schneiderrename, no "index-" prefix for jasmine test HTML files