All example pages now include jsnlog.min.js from the appropriate source
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / examples / htdocs / auto-paratext.html
2014-11-19 Mike TaylorAll example pages now include jsnlog.min.js from the...
2014-10-22 Wolfram SchneiderUpgrade demos to use new-style class-names, MKWS-306
2014-10-09 Wolfram SchneiderFinish Update Handlebars to 2.0.0
2014-10-06 Wolfram SchneiderThe company name is: Index Data
2014-09-23 Wolfram Schneiderupdate to handlebars-v1.3.0.js
2014-09-22 Mike TaylorUse sp-mkws for SP authentication and access.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorRemove the other two widgets.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorMagic divs in different teams.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorInclude results in all three versions of position order.
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorOh, it's even easier: just specify the sort-order right...
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorAdd sort_default
2014-02-13 Mike Taylor?SN ERROR
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorAdd perpage_default
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorCHange heading
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorUse component scripts instead of all-in-one mkws-comple...
2014-02-13 Mike TaylorNew file auto-paratext.html, demo for Seb