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2014-11-07 Mike TaylorLanguage names needn't be ISO codes.
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorComplete the section on Assembling Pazpar2 URLs!
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorMove the renamed "sp_auth_hostname" configuration setti...
2014-11-07 Mike Taylorauth_hostname configuration setting renamed sp_auth_hos...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorNo default value documented for sp_auth_path.
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorPartial description of URL assembly.
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorRemove unnecessary comment.
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorFinish writing up indirect parameters.
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorRemove mentions of responsive_design_width, which is...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorMove compatibility section down into roadmap appendix.
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2014-11-07 Mike TaylorNearly there on config ...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorRework "Assembling Pazpar2 URLs" from two notes to...
2014-11-07 Mike TaylorUpdate all default values. Rework several notes.
2014-11-06 Mike TaylorDocument more configuration settings.
2014-11-05 Mike TaylorDocument more config settings.
2014-11-05 Mike TaylorAdd types of all config settings.
2014-11-05 Mike TaylorPlace parenthetical comment in comments.
2014-11-05 Mike TaylorDocument, for each config setting, which widgets it...
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2014-11-05 Mike TaylorUniformly refer to "configuration settings" rather...
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2014-11-04 Mike TaylorAdd as-yet empty entries for the TWENTY-THREE undocumen...
2014-11-04 Mike TaylorMove log_level configuration item entry into alphabetic...
2014-11-04 Mike TaylorComplete the widget list.
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2014-11-03 Mike TaylorA whole bunch more widgets documented.
2014-11-03 Mike TaylorUpdate manual to refer to facets rather than termlist...
2014-10-30 Mike TaylorDocument several individual widgets.
2014-10-29 Mike TaylorDocument auth-name and builder widgets.
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2014-10-29 Mike TaylorRewrite section on concealing credentials in a web...
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2014-10-28 Mike TaylorRestructure authentication sections.
2014-10-28 Mike TaylorCase.
2014-10-28 Mike TaylorUpdated description of default authentication.
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2014-10-27 Wolfram Schneiderdocument popup_button
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2014-10-27 Mike TaylorAdd link to sample popup application.
2014-10-27 Mike TaylorWording.
2014-10-27 Mike TaylorHeading.
2014-10-27 Mike TaylorGive summary-template example in place of records.
2014-10-27 Mike TaylorConsistently capitalise the proper name Service Proxy.
2014-10-27 Mike TaylorDocument log_level rather than the long-obsolete debug_...
2014-10-27 Mike TaylorFix all remaining old-style class names.
2014-10-24 Mike TaylorNew section on per-widget configuration.
2014-10-24 Mike TaylorConsistent case for headings.
2014-10-24 Mike TaylorFix some stray id="mkws-foo" specifiers to class="mkws...
2014-10-24 Mike TaylorBreak "Widget Elements" section into three sub-sections.
2014-10-23 Mike TaylorDocument structure.
2014-10-23 Mike TaylorChange more old-style names to new-style.
2014-10-23 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-10-23 Mike TaylorUpdate sample application for new-style class names.
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2014-10-20 Jason SkomorowskiUpdate template code and docs for new naming convention...
2014-10-17 Jason SkomorowskiRemove responsive design helpers from doc MKWS-174
2014-10-17 Jason SkomorowskiRecord is not the only widget with metadata MKWS-279
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2014-10-16 Mike TaylorChange many instances of "component" and even "<div...
2014-10-16 Mike TaylorReorder partial widget list in more sensible order.
2014-10-16 Mike TaylorGet rid of phrase drawing attention to MKWS not working...
2014-10-16 Mike TaylorConsistent copyright statement across all three documents
2014-10-16 Mike TaylorRework introduction.
2014-10-15 Mike TaylorTweaks to Jason's fine templating documentation.
2014-10-15 Jason SkomorowskiDocument templating MKWS-279
2014-10-13 Jakub SkoczenMKWS can't run from local files MKWS-227
2014-10-10 Jason SkomorowskiUse class instead of id in doc intro example.
2014-10-09 Mike TaylorMention classes, not identifiers.
2014-10-03 Mike TaylorUse "Index Data", not "IndexData".
2014-09-22 Mike TaylorRefer to for all SP/PP2 access.
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