Add font-weight:normal to selection of Gill Sans.
[mkws-moved-to-github.git] / doc / mkws-doc.css
2015-02-24 Mike TaylorAdd font-weight:normal to selection of Gill Sans.
2014-11-06 Mike TaylorTweak table styling to make individual rows cohere...
2014-10-30 Mike TaylorFix MKWS-320.
2014-10-16 Mike TaylorOmit gears at top right of first three panes.
2014-10-15 Mike TaylorRemove unused style for .nologo class.
2014-10-15 Mike TaylorCleaner styles for heading.
2014-10-15 Mike TaylorTweak styles.
2014-10-14 Mike TaylorStyle copyright statement.
2014-10-14 Mike TaylorAdd CSS rule to remove logo from top right of first...
2014-10-13 Mike TaylorCompletely rewrite mkws-doc.css to provide uniform...
2014-08-11 Mike TaylorGet rid of the p:last-of-type rule. It's too unpredictable.
2014-07-31 Mike TaylorTweak CSS to avoid visible links within an H1
2014-07-31 Mike TaylorSpecial formatting for <h1> only applied to .title.
2014-07-24 Mike TaylorSet padding for <blockquote>
2014-07-23 Mike TaylorTweak fonts to get something that doesn't look like...
2014-03-25 Mike TaylorMove documentation files from tools/htdocs into new...