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last changeWed, 15 Feb 2012 14:34:55 +0000 (15:34 +0100)
2012-02-15 Dennis SchafrothUse field variable with qualified field name. FIX names... typesafe
2012-02-01 Dennis SchafrothInclude Saxon (commented out) for testing
2012-02-01 Dennis SchafrothAdd test data. Move to resources/
2012-02-01 Dennis SchafrothAdd prefix support. Need switch to on/off them
2012-02-01 Dennis SchafrothAdd prefixes. Need switch to on/off them
2012-01-31 Dennis SchafrothAdd gzipped test resource. Generate CodeTable instead...
2012-01-31 Dennis SchafrothAdd Codetable resources to jar
2012-01-31 Dennis SchafrothBetter error message on failed loading of CodeTable
2012-01-18 Dennis SchafrothTurbo Marc Writer
2012-01-18 Dennis SchafrothNew Turbo Marc Xml test
2012-01-18 Dennis SchafrothAdd Turbo Marc Xml namespace
2012-01-09 Dennis SchafrothUse smaller test data
2012-01-09 Dennis SchafrothNew gzip test
2012-01-09 Dennis SchafrothUse MARC-8 encoding
2012-01-09 Dennis SchafrothAdd a gzip test
2012-01-09 Dennis SchafrothAdd build plugin with source version
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8 years ago master
9 years ago base-xml-writer
9 years ago typesafe