Configuration cleanup for Solr 5 - mostly cleaning up solrconfig.xml
[lui-solr.git] / scripts /
2014-03-04 Dennis Schafrothfix stop and pid file
2013-11-29 Dennis SchafrothAdd SOLR_HOME option
2013-11-29 Dennis SchafrothMake new configuration directory from config
2013-11-29 Dennis SchafrothImprove configuration from options file.
2013-11-29 Dennis Schafrothdefault to /var/[log|run]
2013-11-28 Dennis SchafrothImplement start/stop
2013-09-02 Dennis SchafrothFix PATH overriding
2013-08-22 Dennis SchafrothAdd zookeeper script
2013-08-19 Dennis SchafrothAdd help. Add path option
2013-08-19 Dennis SchafrothMoved scripts