Fix common location. Hopefully get scripts installed
[lui-solr.git] / debian / rules
2013-09-04 Dennis SchafrothFix common location. Hopefully get scripts installed
2013-08-20 Dennis SchafrothRefactor to new solr war name v0.5.0
2013-08-20 Dennis SchafrothUpgrade to 4.4.0
2013-08-19 Dennis SchafrothRemove -d. add scripts to package
2013-08-15 Dennis SchafrothRemove Solr 3 stuff
2013-08-15 Dennis SchafrothUse Solr 4 config!
2013-08-15 Dennis SchafrothFix COMMON_TOMCAT setting to match package. Rewrite...
2013-08-15 Dennis SchafrothFix: add catalina home
2013-07-17 Dennis SchafrothFix: install the correct solr4 context
2013-07-03 Dennis SchafrothRemove solr 3. Use 0.3.x branch to generate new Solr...
2013-07-02 Dennis SchafrothFix conf directory name
2013-07-02 Dennis SchafrothUpgrade 3.6 version
2013-07-02 Dennis SchafrothFix issue with solrconfig and schema for Solr 3
2013-07-02 Dennis SchafrothMerge with master
2013-06-28 Dennis SchafrothPackages for Solr 4
2013-06-27 Dennis SchafrothChange to Solr-4.3
2013-01-31 Dennis SchafrothFix wrong solrconfig linking
2013-01-30 Dennis SchafrothIssue with slave
2013-01-30 Dennis SchafrothFix solr config location . Link special context for...
2013-01-29 Dennis SchafrothFix master/slave configuration
2013-01-29 Dennis SchafrothFirst packages and rules. Need verificatione