2006-12-12 Anders S. MortensenAdded command line xslt processor which sets up the...
2006-12-11 Anders S. MortensenOnly select those irspy:xxx entries newer than the...
2006-12-11 Anders S. MortensenStepping down the xslt version to 1.57.
2006-12-11 Anders S. MortensenFixing bug #761: quick tests wipe out the use attribute...
2006-12-08 Mike TaylorAdd zebra/crontab
2006-12-08 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-08 Mike TaylorDescribe four more files.
2006-12-08 Mike TaylorAdd many small help pages for Web UI.
2006-12-08 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-08 Mike TaylorInstead of a single search, a sequence of searches...
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorRemove fixed issues.
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorThinko.
2006-12-06 Mike Taylorhref is to "", not "#" since the latter causes the...
2006-12-06 Mike Taylor"OK" button is centered.
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorDisplay init-response options.
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorGenerate a <configInfo> section including Init options.
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorCheck for the init_opt_* options from the Init response...
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorDo not report remaining END events.
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorRely on ZOOM-Perl 1.16 (needed for Z39.50 Init options).
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorInclude Web UI help stuff in distribution.
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorReorder alphabetically.
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorDo not distribute zebra/log
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorLanguage of records now chosen from a dropdown.
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorCountry now chosen from a dropdown.
2006-12-05 Mike TaylorReordered fields in accordance with Per's preference.
2006-12-05 Mike TaylorReordered fields in accordance with Per's preference.
2006-12-05 Mike Taylorxml_encode() now takes an optional hash of options.
2006-12-05 Mike TaylorResults summary shows reliability rather than author.
2006-12-05 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-05 Mike Taylor"Soft" errors for not-yet-available help.
2006-12-05 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-05 Mike TaylorUse HTML::Mason-level comment rather than HTML-level...
2006-12-05 Mike TaylorUse link image rather than styled text.
2006-12-05 Mike TaylorAdd "help" links to all editable fields.
2006-12-05 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-04 Mike TaylorLink-text is just "?"
2006-12-04 Mike TaylorBreak after "This Target" heading.
2006-12-04 Mike TaylorProperly escaped ampersands for XHTML.
2006-12-04 Mike TaylorUse XHTML 1.0 Transitional instead of Strict.
2006-12-04 Mike TaylorTweak.
2006-12-04 Mike TaylorTweak.
2006-12-04 Mike TaylorStyle of HELP link.
2006-12-01 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-01 Mike TaylorHelp link component path changed.
2006-12-01 Mike TaylorInclude help-button.
2006-12-01 Mike TaylorAdd notes on stuff to be resolved.
2006-12-01 Mike TaylorAdd description search-box.
2006-12-01 Mike TaylorAdd dc.description CQL index.
2006-12-01 Mike TaylorSimpler cql:anywhere definition, thanks to Marc
2006-11-30 Mike TaylorStyle for blockquotes.
2006-11-30 Mike TaylorDefine cql:anywhere
2006-11-30 Mike TaylorNote on how to run all reindexing commands.
2006-11-30 Mike TaylorUse internal name cql:anywhere rather than cql:all
2006-11-30 Mike TaylorTweak panel width so IE displays menu items not broken...
2006-11-30 Mike Taylorxml_encode() does not translate /'/ to &apos; since...
2006-11-30 Mike TaylorRemove redundant _string2cdata() method, use xml_encode...
2006-11-30 Mike TaylorAllow all-targets test to choose between Quick and...
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorBig, big rewrite. Not only does it now work properly...
2006-11-29 Mike Taylor"Edit" link uses new parameter scheme.
2006-11-29 Mike Taylor"Add a target", "Edit details" and "Copy target" links...
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorImport iosdate() from
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorImport isodate() from
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorRemove _isodate() method, used only within the class.
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorRemove isodate(), which is now in
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorAdd isodate()
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorPrint list of changed fields.
2006-11-29 Mike Taylormodify_xml_document() now returns a list containing...
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorTweak
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorClarify title generation.
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorExplicitly use ZOOM. (Previously relied on the mod_per...
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorBetter diagnostics.
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorMore logging.
2006-11-28 Mike TaylorCHange suggested debug level.
2006-11-24 Mike TaylorFix "new" link.
2006-11-21 Mike TaylorMore accurate debugging output.
2006-11-20 Mike TaylorMore debugging diagnostics after exit from main loop.
2006-11-20 Mike TaylorProper registration of connection errors.
2006-11-18 Mike Taylor... and reverted, since it turns out that this is NOT...
2006-11-18 Mike TaylorCommented out use of Apache::Reload. This has never...
2006-11-18 Mike TaylorNew -w option to use a ZOOM::IRSpy::Web object.
2006-11-18 Mike TaylorComment typo.
2006-11-17 Mike TaylorTowards orthogonalisation.
2006-11-17 Mike TaylorAdd A Target item explicitly sets new=1
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorMore checking. Not correct yet, though.
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorEliminate temporary variable.
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorCorrect checking of omitted ID components.
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorUse new cql_target() method from Utils.
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorAdd render() method and overload stringification to...
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorAdd cql_quote() and cql_target()
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorTowards dealing with duplicate records.
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorEliminate temporary variable.
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorSimplify, remove unusued global(!)
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorSimplify, eliminate temporary.
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorRemove commented-out code.
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorGeneration of ID from host/port/db moved from layout...
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorWhitespace formatting.
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorCosmetics
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorIntegrated back into