2006-06-07 Mike TaylorRemove premature documentation of pod-throttling
2006-06-06 Mike TaylorNew
2006-06-06 Mike TaylorDocumentation tweak.
2006-06-05 Mike TaylorNew, very very unfinished.
2006-06-01 Mike TaylorComments.
2006-06-01 Mike TaylorGreatly enriched (though still nowhere near complete)
2006-06-01 Mike TaylorNew
2006-05-31 Mike TaylorNew
2006-05-29 Mike TaylorIgnore unpacked zebra/records
2006-05-24 Mike Taylornew
2006-05-24 Mike TaylorAdd "id" element-set
2006-05-24 Mike TaylorNew -- does not yet do what I want, which is just to...
2006-05-22 Mike TaylorSimplify.
2006-05-18 Mike TaylorMove pretty much all function down into module.
2006-05-18 Mike TaylorNew
2006-05-17 Mike TaylorMany many additions to support most of the ZeeRex profile.
2006-05-17 Mike TaylorAdd <supports> elements.
2006-05-17 Mike TaylorDefault context set is now "net" (was "dc")
2006-05-17 Mike TaylorFix mistake: fuzzy matching is 5=103, not 5=102
2006-05-15 Mike TaylorNew, from the ZeeRex CQL profile at
2006-05-15 Mike TaylorNew, copied from $CVS/documents/customers/finland
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorTentatively add new indexes (to be checked against...
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorDescribe new "form.html"
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorNew
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorInclude "zeerex.xml" (which exists) rather than "explai...
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorDescribe record mangling and unpacking.
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorNew
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorTweak example.
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorDescribe acquisition of records.
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorConsistent formatting for different ZOOM::Log::log...
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorMany changes arising from re-read.
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorComplete.
2006-05-12 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous line of "#"
2006-05-11 Mike TaylorDocument handlers.
2006-05-11 Mike TaylorWorking example SRU URL.
2006-05-11 Mike TaylorSupport the relevant indexes (and not the irrelevant...
2006-05-10 Mike TaylorPartial documentation.
2006-05-10 Mike TaylorTweak sample program in synopsis to match current API.
2006-05-10 Mike TaylorFix profilePath to use installed Zebra.
2006-05-10 Mike TaylorUsage message for zero-argument invocation.
2006-05-10 Mike TaylorGuard against the possibility of zero connection in...
2006-05-10 Mike TaylorRegister log-string "appl"
2006-05-10 Mike TaylorUse target-strings from command-line, not a hardwired...
2006-05-10 Mike TaylorUse $rs->records(), with $return_records==0, instead...
2006-05-09 Mike TaylorNew synopsis shows how to do retrieval as well as searc...
2006-05-09 Mike TaylorSuper-groovy asynchronicity, baby!
2006-05-09 Mike TaylorAdd callback for receive-record.
2006-05-09 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous output.
2006-05-05 Mike TaylorNew
2006-04-18 Mike TaylorRemove superfluous "-c zebra.cfg" options from zebraidx...
2006-04-18 Marc Crommecorrected database, profilePath and added db/tmp dir...
2006-04-13 Mike TaylorNew
2006-04-13 Mike TaylorInitial revision