2007-05-11 Mike TaylorUse cql_target()
2007-05-11 Mike TaylorAdd new zeerexNoAuth element-set.
2007-05-11 Mike TaylorUse new zeerexNoAuth element-set.
2007-05-11 Mike TaylorReorder, update.
2007-05-11 Mike TaylorAutomatic update
2007-05-11 Mike TaylorNew -- currently a copy of zeerex2dc.xmk, but that...
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorModify for recent record dumps.
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorDon't distribute
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorDon't distribute ZOOM tests
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorDon't distribute C test
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorInclude in the distribution reindexing program (not...
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorDo not distribute debugger configuration, built C binar...
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorXSLT drived program renamed.
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorUse connection-level diagnostic if there is no record.
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorRequire v1.19 of ZOOM-Perl for $conn->exception()
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorCorrect support for persistent options.
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorUse "persistent options" (beginning with "*")
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorSupport "persistent options" (beginning with "*")
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorChange comment
2007-05-09 Mike Taylors/rs/syntax
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorSave initial RS for render()
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorLogging level can be overridden by YAZ_LOG parameter.
2007-05-08 Mike TaylorDoc.
2007-05-08 Mike TaylorLess verbose.
2007-05-08 Mike TaylorNew
2007-05-04 Mike TaylorCode to send username/password. I am pretty sure this...
2007-05-04 Mike TaylorAdd and use xpath_context()
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorResplit success and failure functions: the latter now...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorUse utf8param($r, $key) instead of $r->param($key)...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorUse utf8param($r, $key) instead of $r->param($key)...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorAfter successful "new" has added a record, set next...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorUse utf8param($r, $key) instead of $r->param($key)...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorPull in utf8param
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorAdd utf8param()
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorSimplify and clarify new/edit/copy code, resolving...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorID used for target-specific menu is that of newly creat...
2007-05-02 Mike TaylorNew, identical to xeno.conf except for <VirtualHost...
2007-05-02 Mike TaylorIgnore records-2007-05-01
2007-05-02 Mike Taylormodify_xml_document()'s code for no-opping when no...
2007-05-02 Mike TaylorNew
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorAdd alias
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorUse Task::Search->render_query()
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorFix PQF classname.
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorLess verbose
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorTypo: s/cql/pqf
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorAdd general irspy_search() function.
2007-05-01 Mike Taylornew
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorNew API for constructor: now takes new additional first...
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorInclude CQL test.
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorLess verbose.
2007-04-30 Mike TaylorLess verbose
2007-04-30 Mike TaylorClearer use of target vs. id.
2007-04-30 Mike Taylorirspy_identifier2target() properly implemented so that...
2007-04-30 Mike TaylorDo not insist on serverImplementation* being defined...
2007-04-27 Mike TaylorDo not allow an entry to specify SRW/U composite protocol.
2007-04-27 Mike TaylorAbstract out identifier format, which is now handled...
2007-04-27 Mike TaylorHas been unused for some time
2007-04-26 Mike TaylorAdd another layer of tables to the top banner, for...
2007-04-26 Mike TaylorRun on localweb address rather then localhost.
2007-04-26 Mike TaylorHelp link for Reliability.
2007-04-26 Mike Taylornew
2007-04-26 Mike TaylorNew
2007-04-26 Mike TaylorAppend
2007-04-25 Mike TaylorDeletion using same record rather then recordIdOpaque
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorNote unpacking
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorBetter instructions.
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorNew records
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorSuperseded by records-2007-04-18.tar.gz
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorTree of tests compiled in initalise() rather then check...
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorTest-name specified in initialise() call rather than...
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorAdd timeout()
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorApply timeout to each newly created connection accordin...
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorModule name
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorAppend
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorNew
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorDavid's changes.
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorDo not display username or password.
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorModified as requested by David.
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorRename Net-Z3950-IRSpy.t to ZOOM-IRSpy.t
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorAppend
2007-04-17 Mike TaylorFix site-specific stats link.
2007-04-17 Mike TaylorPer's text, only lightly edited.
2007-04-17 Mike Taylorimport both uri_escape() _and_ uri_escape_utf8().
2007-04-16 Mike TaylorUse uri_escape_utf8()
2007-04-16 Mike TaylorInclude outbound link to ZAP.
2007-04-02 Anders S. MortensenOnly insert those index terms which have @search="true...
2007-03-30 Anders S. MortensenAdding elements irspy:libraryType and irspy:country...
2007-03-30 Anders S. MortensenLook for irspy:record_fetch instead of irspy:record...
2007-03-30 Mike TaylorNew
2007-03-30 Mike TaylorShorter text, links to new page about the software.
2007-03-30 Mike TaylorAdd trailing semi-colons to return statements. These...
2007-03-30 Mike TaylorDuplicate archive removed, bad XML fixed, ZeeRex namesp...
2007-03-30 Mike TaylorDo not attempt to delete old record if $oldid is undefined!
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorBring in cql_quote() from Utils
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorSupport library-type and country searches.
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorUpdated command sequence.
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorIgnore records3 rather than good.
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorNew
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorMove lists of countries and library-types into their...
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorMajor re-rodering to sync. with editing page.