2013-03-25 Mike TaylorDo not return TEST_BAD when diagnostic is 1 (permanent...
2013-03-25 Mike TaylorBetter logging when skipping tests.
2013-03-25 Mike TaylorAdd comment
2013-03-22 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-03-22 Mike TaylorIgnore Wolfram's log symlink
2013-03-22 Mike TaylorSomeone evidently commented out the ServerAlias line...
2013-03-18 Wolfram Schneiderneed a nagios alert script to check irspy updates,...
2013-03-14 Mike TaylorRegister the "irspy_data" log-level.
2013-03-14 Mike TaylorAdd comment on "irspy_data" logging level
2013-01-03 Mike TaylorFix typo in Explain test.
2012-12-21 Mike TaylorTest::Search::Explain no longer returns TEST_BAD when...
2012-12-20 Mike TaylorLogging of sikppped tests raised from irspy_debug level...
2012-12-20 Mike Taylorcql_quote() encloses strings that contain backslash...
2012-12-20 Mike TaylorRevert last commit, I don't know WHAT I was thinking.
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorAdd PiggyBack to main test.
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorFix display of piggybacking support.
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorFix handling of piggybacking errors not to break on...
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorRolling changes.
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorSupport new "irspy_data" log-level to register informat...
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorMove location of skipped
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorRolling changes.
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorMove aside
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorResolve
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorRolling changes.
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorIDs used in URLs for full-record links are properly...
2012-12-19 Mike TaylorAdd Piggyback searching line to full-record display.
2012-12-17 Mike TaylorAdd XSLT rule to store piggyback result in ZeeRex record.
2012-12-17 Mike TaylorRolling changes.
2012-12-17 Mike TaylorAdd Record::PiggyBack test to manifest.
2012-12-17 Mike TaylorIgnore generated file MYMETA.yml
2012-12-17 Mike TaylorChange Quick test to probe piggybacking.
2012-12-17 Mike TaylorNew test, Record::PiggyBack.
2012-12-14 John Malconiandependency libxml-libxml-common-perl replaced by libxml...
2012-12-12 Mike TaylorCheck that record returned in piggyback after OPAC...
2012-12-12 Mike TaylorRolling changes.
2012-12-12 Mike TaylorRecord::Fetch test registers a fail when the syntax...
2012-12-12 Mike TaylorQuick test now runs only Ping and Record::Fetch.
2012-12-07 Mike TaylorWrite up not-recent changes.
2012-12-07 Mike TaylorAdd bin/ and etc/dallas.rules to MANIFEST.
2012-01-27 Wolfram Schneiderblock bot rogerbot for all URLs
2011-01-04 Mike TaylorDescribe xslt_max_depth hack.
2011-01-04 Mike TaylorSet $ZOOM::IRSpy::xslt_max_depth to 3500 ... ugh.
2010-12-16 Mike TaylorRemoved -- use zoom-delete-recor...
2010-12-16 Mike TaylorFix hashbang
2010-12-16 Mike TaylorChange sample command-line.
2010-12-16 Mike TaylorRename
2010-12-16 Mike TaylorAdd $deleteXPath and useful sample command-line.
2010-12-16 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-12-16 Mike TaylorNew
2010-09-30 Mike TaylorWeb-based tests now apply configured rule-sets before...
2010-09-30 Mike TaylorCount skipped tests.
2010-09-30 Mike TaylorWhen skipping a test due to a rule, note this with...
2010-09-30 Mike TaylorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-09-30 Mike TaylorUse dallas.rule.
2010-09-30 Wolfram SchneiderComment is out of date
2010-09-06 Mike TaylorRolling.
2010-09-06 Mike TaylorSet variables in the IRSpy object for the implementatio...
2010-09-06 Mike TaylorSupport for rules files, and specifically for the ...
2010-09-06 Mike TaylorInclude Search::CQL in the "Quick" test (for now) so...
2010-09-06 Mike TaylorNew file dallas.rules, first example of an IRSpy rules...
2010-09-06 Mike TaylorUpdate sample command-line comment for moved rules...
2010-09-06 Mike TaylorSupport new -r <rulesFile> option to read and apply...
2010-07-23 Mike TaylorX-any1017 Bath-profile search now correctly uses @attr...
2010-07-22 Mike TaylorTODOs become DONEs for next release.
2010-07-22 Mike TaylorGeneralise to handle incompletely specified searches.
2010-07-22 Mike TaylorReinstate so-called Bath search as part of Quick suite.
2010-07-21 Mike Taylorcalc_reliability_stats() uses only probes within last...
2010-07-21 Mike Taylorcalc_reliability_stats() now works by inspecting each...
2010-07-21 Mike TaylorNew file,
2010-07-21 Mike TaylorUpdate description of reliability.
2010-07-21 Mike TaylorAdd sort-index for reliability.
2010-07-21 Mike TaylorInclude option to sort on reliability.
2010-07-21 Mike TaylorAdd comment showing how to set username/password.
2010-07-20 Mike TaylorNote things to do.
2010-07-20 Mike TaylorRolling
2010-07-20 Mike TaylorAdd Search::Bath to Search::Main test.
2010-07-20 Mike TaylorTowards 1.03
2010-07-20 Mike TaylorLiberalise hostname regexp, I think.
2010-07-20 Mike TaylorAsk for "name" not "title".
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorRelease 1.02 completely ready. CPAN-v1.02
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorIgnore additional detritus from zebra directory.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorRolling changes.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorInclude all remaining previously-missing web-site files.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorOmit web/htdocs/robots-test.txt -- probably obsolete...
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorOmit off-topic SRU authentication test from distribution.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorDo not distribute all the different Apache2 configurations.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorOrder
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorRolling changes.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorAdd sample Apache2 configuration.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorAdd Record::OPAC and Search::Bath tests.
2010-07-07 Mike and are now installed as binaries.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorDo not generate debugging output (as it looks like...
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorPlan 3 tests.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorRolling
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorRolling
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorAdd new binaries.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorSorted.
2010-07-07 Mike TaylorRelease 1.02
2010-07-06 Mike TaylorAttempt XML before GRS-1.
2010-07-06 Mike TaylorRolling changes.