2007-04-18 Mike TaylorModified as requested by David.
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorRename Net-Z3950-IRSpy.t to ZOOM-IRSpy.t
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorAppend
2007-04-17 Mike TaylorFix site-specific stats link.
2007-04-17 Mike TaylorPer's text, only lightly edited.
2007-04-17 Mike Taylorimport both uri_escape() _and_ uri_escape_utf8().
2007-04-16 Mike TaylorUse uri_escape_utf8()
2007-04-16 Mike TaylorInclude outbound link to ZAP.
2007-04-02 Anders S. MortensenOnly insert those index terms which have @search="true...
2007-03-30 Anders S. MortensenAdding elements irspy:libraryType and irspy:country...
2007-03-30 Anders S. MortensenLook for irspy:record_fetch instead of irspy:record...
2007-03-30 Mike TaylorNew
2007-03-30 Mike TaylorShorter text, links to new page about the software.
2007-03-30 Mike TaylorAdd trailing semi-colons to return statements. These...
2007-03-30 Mike TaylorDuplicate archive removed, bad XML fixed, ZeeRex namesp...
2007-03-30 Mike TaylorDo not attempt to delete old record if $oldid is undefined!
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorBring in cql_quote() from Utils
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorSupport library-type and country searches.
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorUpdated command sequence.
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorIgnore records3 rather than good.
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorNew
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorMove lists of countries and library-types into their...
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorMajor re-rodering to sync. with editing page.
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorIgnore directory "good" made from Per's archive of...
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorNew, sent by Per as newtargets.tgz
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorAdd workaround for Zebra delete-record bug.
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorAdd link for "other" targets.
2007-03-29 Mike TaylorAdd relationModifier.firstInField
2007-03-23 Mike TaylorSupport kafta
2007-03-22 Mike TaylorNew, super-incomplete
2007-03-22 Mike TaylorNew file: main Apache installation uses this to proxy...
2007-03-22 Mike TaylorLogs written to dedicated IRSpy Apache logging area.
2007-03-22 Mike TaylorVerdana headings.
2007-03-21 Mike TaylorIgnore records2
2007-03-21 Mike Taylorpanel3 sand-coloured.
2007-03-21 Mike TaylorSupport rafa.
2007-03-19 Mike Taylor_really_rewrite_record() now checks whether the new...
2007-03-19 Mike Taylorirspy_xpath_context() can now take a LibXML element...
2007-03-19 Mike TaylorPass old ID into _really_rewrite_record()
2007-03-19 Mike TaylorUse cql_target() instead of cql_quote()
2007-03-19 Mike TaylorDo not use cql_quote()
2007-03-16 Mike TaylorNew
2007-03-16 Mike TaylorLink to "#"; previously the link was to "" which caused...
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorSupport different directories on different hostys.
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorMistake: generalise the old version
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorNew
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorNew
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorFix result-set leak.
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorFix result-set leak.
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorNo {rs} associated with connection.
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorSmall but important changes:
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorNew set of arguments.
2007-03-14 Mike TaylorEssay styles.
2007-03-14 Mike TaylorNo underlining for all those links, indent from page...
2007-03-14 Mike TaylorNew introductory text.
2007-03-14 Mike TaylorTweak comment.
2007-03-13 Mike TaylorRemove fatuous attempt to destroy old result-sets.
2007-03-10 Mike TaylorDo not attempt sanity-checks.
2007-03-09 Mike TaylorDestroy connection's old result-set when making a new...
2007-03-09 Mike TaylorAdd destroy() method which destroys associated result...
2007-03-09 Mike TaylorExplicitly destroy() connections when they're closed...
2007-03-08 Mike TaylorMore robustness against $rs->record() failure.
2007-03-07 Mike Taylorneed YAZ 2.1.53
2007-03-07 Mike TaylorAdd another sample command-line.
2007-03-07 Mike TaylorReconnect before each task.
2007-03-07 Mike TaylorRemove comment.
2007-03-07 Mike TaylorExplicit reconnection attempt before each search.
2007-03-07 Mike TaylorReindex rather than dumping records.
2007-03-07 Mike TaylorFactor out useless temps.
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorConstructor now takes activeSetSize argument.
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorConstructor sets its own "host" option and makes its...
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorComment.
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorAdd render_record()
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorNew -n <number> option sets size of active pool.
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorNew cmd-line.
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorMake robust against $rs->record() failure.
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorAbort test on 235 as well as 109.
2007-03-02 Mike TaylorMerely dumps records, does not reindex.
2007-03-02 Mike TaylorNo not lower-case the ID before indexing. Doing this...
2007-03-02 Mike TaylorNew
2007-03-02 Mike index uses @attr 4=104 (urx)
2007-03-02 Mike Taylorrec:id index is now of type "urx", which normalises...
2007-03-02 Mike TaylorAvoid using Text::Iconv->retval(), which is not in...
2007-03-02 Mike TaylorRemove -Wdeclaration-after-statement, which is not...
2007-03-02 Mike TaylorHack for dealing with ASCII, Latin-1 and UTF-8 characte...
2007-03-02 Mike TaylorRecord IDs (and the rec:id index) now case-insensitive.
2007-03-01 Mike TaylorDramatically simplify initialise() and associated state...
2007-03-01 Mike Taylorcql_quote() quotes terms that contain quotes and slashe...
2007-03-01 Mike TaylorBack to v1.21 -- cql_target() is not unnecessary after...
2007-03-01 Mike TaylorRemove unused cql_target()
2007-03-01 Mike TaylorComment
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorIndex recordSyntax's @name rather than @identifier.
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorSubmit @attr 4=3 with zeerex:recordSyntax searches.
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorAppend to log rather than starting anew each time.
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorUse new $node->next()/address() to correctly skip tests.
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorAdd resolve(), address(), parent(), previous(), next().
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorTest is BAD if database is unavailable.
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorNew -- should be part of the test suite but this is...
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorArgs for complete run.
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorCheck for at least YAZ version 2.1.51