2007-02-28 Mike TaylorUse new $node->next()/address() to correctly skip tests.
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorAdd resolve(), address(), parent(), previous(), next().
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorTest is BAD if database is unavailable.
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorNew -- should be part of the test suite but this is...
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorArgs for complete run.
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorCheck for at least YAZ version 2.1.51
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorAdd alternative command-line for whole-database test.
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorNew -v option requests verbose commentary.
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorNew
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorInstructions for building setrlimit
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorIgnore compiled setrlimit
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorComplain if saved-XML files can't be opened.
2007-02-26 Mike Taylorbetter logging.
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorEnd test early if the Explain database is unavailable.
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorAbandon test if we run into a permanent system error...
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorUse safe new $conn->check() instead of old private...
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorUse safe new $conn->check() instead of old private...
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorNeed ZOOM-Perl 1.18
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorRemove failed attempt to catch errors pre-emptively.
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorUse -f option to mv.
2007-02-24 Mike TaylorCope with $record not set at all (though IIRC this...
2007-02-24 Mike TaylorGet backtrace if program dies.
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorAdd new method find_targets()
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorTest of all targets now requires explicit -a option...
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorUse ZEND only for callbacks, rather than RECV_*
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorSimplified event handling: only ZEND is significant.
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorComments only.
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorFormatting changes only.
2007-02-22 Mike TaylorIgnore errors detected on RECV_APDU except when the...
2007-02-22 Mike TaylorBetter logging for failed searches.
2007-02-22 Mike TaylorWarning of left-over events now emitted using yaz_log...
2007-02-22 Mike TaylorCatch all ZOOM::event() return values less than 1....
2007-02-22 Mike TaylorShow "[UNTITLED]" for records with no title: this is...
2007-02-22 Mike TaylorSample command-line includes IRSPY_SAVE_XML setting.
2007-02-21 Mike TaylorSave XML files, pre- and post-transform, to /tmp if
2007-02-20 Mike Taylor"No" link to is now absolute.
2007-02-20 Mike TaylorLink to new location of admin-related pages
2007-02-20 Mike TaylorMoved here from non-protected parent directory
2007-02-20 Mike TaylorMoved into new password-protected admin directory
2007-02-20 Mike TaylorNot used, hasn't been for some time
2007-02-20 Mike TaylorAppend
2007-02-20 Mike TaylorNew
2007-02-20 Mike TaylorRequire authentication for admin/ directory
2007-02-20 Mike TaylorNew
2007-02-13 Mike TaylorFix variable-name typo, caused infinite retry loop...
2007-02-13 Mike TaylorComment out the test of the "opac" record syntax. ...
2007-02-13 Mike TaylorDo not go back into main loop if peek_event() is either...
2007-02-13 Mike TaylorMinor clarification.
2007-02-09 Mike TaylorNew
2007-02-09 Mike TaylorTweak which events errors are ignored for.
2007-02-09 Mike TaylorArgs for debugging Record::Fetch on LC
2007-02-06 Mike TaylorLightly tweak sample command-line to make it more amena...
2007-02-05 Mike TaylorDon't show spare event-0 at end.
2007-02-02 Anders S. MortensenAdded a little note.
2007-02-02 Anders S. MortensenThis has now changed name to
2007-02-02 Anders S. MortensenApplied Mike's nice -d option thing.
2007-02-02 Anders S. MortensenAdded irspy_xsltproc script which has the right irspy...
2007-02-02 Mike TaylorCorrect listing of access-points in calc_ap() in the...
2007-02-02 Mike TaylorFix what I assume were out-of-date API calls.
2007-01-31 Mike TaylorUse "All tests were attempted", not "were run".
2007-01-29 Mike TaylorError on search (e.g. unsupported use attribute) falls...
2007-01-29 Mike TaylorTry access-point 44 if other searches fail.
2007-01-29 Mike TaylorOmit Test::Title test, since this fails (astonishingly...
2007-01-24 Mike TaylorMove Zebra for port 3313 to 8018 (which is visible...
2007-01-24 Mike TaylorInclude target-deletion web components.
2007-01-24 Mike TaylorDo not distribute "debug" directory.
2007-01-20 Mike TaylorComment out init-opt debugging print.
2007-01-20 Mike TaylorPeek at queued events at loop exit.
2007-01-18 Mike TaylorApache logs in standard place
2007-01-03 Mike TaylorBetter "no" link.
2007-01-03 Mike TaylorInclude dummy record in XS delete package.
2007-01-02 Mike TaylorNew
2007-01-02 Mike TaylorLink to delete.html
2006-12-21 Mike TaylorDebugging save of XML to files in /tmp now controlled...
2006-12-19 Anders S. MortensenKeeping track of expected irspy:xxxx elements which...
2006-12-19 Anders S. MortensenZebra doesn't recognize the tmpdir setting - therefore...
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorTentative support for preserving server implementation...
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorRefactor BIB-1 attribute analysis into new subcomponent...
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorAdd support for server ID, Name and Versions.
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorImport bib1_access_point()
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorSeparate callbacks for initial-search error and fetch...
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorAdd bib1_access_point()
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorAdd support for analysing Explain results.
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorTry again (up to ten times) if main loop exits prematurely.
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorBetter sample command-line.
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorNicely rendered BIB-1 table.
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorLink to statistics for found hosts.
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorAdd support for additional categories:
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorNote implementation details.
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorUse HTML::Mason caching to avoid repeated computation.
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorComment out presentChunk for now -- it seems to provoke...
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorUse new $stats->print() method.
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorGenerate stats for BIB-1 attributes.
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorRemove Hovarth quote.
2006-12-14 Mike TaylorRemove UNUSED
2006-12-14 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-14 Mike TaylorNew, fully documented but not much code yet!
2006-12-14 Mike TaylorInclude Stats module.
2006-12-14 Mike TaylorInclude stats module, command-line utility and web...