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2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneiderremove stale $Id$
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneiderremove stale $Id$
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneideradd missing pages and reorder entries
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneiderenable robots.txt for irspy-test
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneidera robots.txt file for the development machine irspy...
2010-04-20 Wolfram Schneiderunicode bug #3390: uri_escape -> uri_escape_utf8
2010-04-20 mikeIRSpy toroid now runs on port 12367 to avoid clashes...
2010-04-16 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-16 Wolfram Schneideruse ZOOM::IRSpy is required
2010-04-16 Mike TaylorComment on the apparent importance of PerlModule Apache...
2010-04-16 Mike TaylorInclude PerlModule Apache2::Request to prevent run...
2010-04-16 Mike TaylorNew file for local development on Mac.
2010-04-16 Mike TaylorComment says what xeno is
2010-04-15 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-15 Mike TaylorAdd instructions to proxy /toroid/ to localhost:3000
2010-04-15 Wolfram Schneiderrename test database back to IR-Explain---1
2010-04-14 Wolfram Schneideruse PerlSetEnv instead PerlSetVar for IRSpyDbName confi...
2010-04-14 Wolfram Schneiderread database name from config
2010-04-14 Wolfram Schneiderdocument IRSpyDbName
2010-04-14 Wolfram Schneiderconfigure test database
2010-04-14 Wolfram Schneidersetupt test/devel config
2010-04-14 Wolfram Schneidercopy
2010-04-14 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'nigiri'
2010-04-12 Mike TaylorAdd search box for reliability.
2010-04-12 Mike TaylorWeb UI uses new name calc_reliability_string() rather...
2010-04-12 Wolfram Schneidermerge
2010-04-12 Wolfram Schneidermerge longer cache statistic
2010-04-12 Mike TaylorUse new name _rewrite_zeerex_record() for old _really_r...
2010-04-12 Mike TaylorUse new name _rewrite_zeerex_record() for old _really_r...
2010-04-12 Mike TaylorRefactor calc_reliability() down into, whence...
2010-04-09 Mike TaylorNew
2010-04-09 Mike TaylorPrecache records using $rs->records()
2010-04-08 Mike TaylorCache timeout upped to one day.
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneidercvs <-> git migration
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneidermore path fixes
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneiderdie apache1.3, die!
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneideradd note that this README is outdated
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneiderdocumentation cleanup
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneiderpath cleanups
2010-04-06 Wolfram Schneiderrenamed
2009-05-26 Mike TaylorMake targettest a redcirect rather than an alias.
2009-04-16 woschupdate comments for Apache 2.x
2009-04-16 woschFix upload function in Apache2.x, the bug is descripted in
2009-04-15 woschfix comments
2009-04-15 woschadd connector framework config
2009-04-15 woschAdd support for apache2
2008-10-29 Mike TaylorIncrease failure sleep to 25 seconds
2008-10-08 Mike TaylorDisallow raw.html
2008-10-08 Mike TaylorSleep 5 when given an invalid host or port, to slow...
2008-10-06 Mike TaylorNew, added by Heikki
2008-08-29 Mike TaylorRemove Apache::Reload stuff.
2008-07-03 Mike TaylorTypo.
2007-11-02 Mike Taylor20 rows of Implementation IDs.
2007-10-31 Mike TaylorTruncate overlong table entries.
2007-10-31 Mike TaylorSupport for implementation names.
2007-08-23 Mike TaylorValidate hostname and port number of new records.
2007-08-21 Mike TaylorNew
2007-07-17 Mike TaylorNote on ZeeRex vs. SRU Explain.
2007-07-17 Mike TaylorGenerate client-area text before emitting scaffolding...
2007-07-17 Mike TaylorPort number for new services is guessed from protocol...
2007-07-16 Mike TaylorDavid's change to the headings.
2007-07-16 Mike TaylorAdding new record does not lead into editing.
2007-07-16 Mike TaylorFix add/upload links.
2007-07-16 Mike TaylorNew
2007-07-16 Mike TaylorMove from admin directory to top level
2007-07-13 Mike TaylorNew admin password.
2007-07-13 Mike Tayloremail link.
2007-07-04 Mike TaylorDisambiguate function name.
2007-07-03 Mike TaylorRemove leading "tcp:" from target string given to ZAP.
2007-06-28 Mike TaylorNew
2007-06-28 Mike TaylorAdd link to upload a new target.
2007-06-28 Mike TaylorAdd alias for targettest
2007-06-28 Mike TaylorNew
2007-06-28 Mike TaylorLinks to full access-point listing.
2007-06-27 Mike TaylorFix typo that prevented parent-window link from working.
2007-06-27 Mike TaylorFix XHTML -- tags gor swapped.
2007-06-27 Mike TaylorUse new _delete_record() function.
2007-06-25 Mike TaylorDo not load proxy_module -- main configuration already...
2007-06-25 Mike TaylorFix onclick links to return false.
2007-05-11 Mike TaylorUse cql_target()
2007-05-11 Mike TaylorUse cql_target()
2007-05-11 Mike TaylorUse new zeerexNoAuth element-set.
2007-05-09 Mike TaylorLogging level can be overridden by YAZ_LOG parameter.
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorUse utf8param($r, $key) instead of $r->param($key)...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorUse utf8param($r, $key) instead of $r->param($key)...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorAfter successful "new" has added a record, set next...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorUse utf8param($r, $key) instead of $r->param($key)...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorPull in utf8param
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorSimplify and clarify new/edit/copy code, resolving...
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorID used for target-specific menu is that of newly creat...
2007-05-02 Mike TaylorNew, identical to xeno.conf except for <VirtualHost...
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorAdd alias
2007-04-27 Mike TaylorDo not allow an entry to specify SRW/U composite protocol.
2007-04-27 Mike TaylorAbstract out identifier format, which is now handled...
2007-04-27 Mike TaylorHas been unused for some time
2007-04-26 Mike TaylorAdd another layer of tables to the top banner, for...
2007-04-26 Mike TaylorRun on localweb address rather then localhost.
2007-04-26 Mike TaylorHelp link for Reliability.
2007-04-26 Mike Taylornew
2007-04-26 Mike TaylorNew