Add irspy_namespace()
[irspy-moved-to-github.git] / lib /
2006-11-09 Mike TaylorAdd irspy_namespace()
2006-11-08 Mike Taylorirspy_xpath_context() may now take a textual XML record...
2006-11-07 Mike TaylorComplete and should work ... but doesn't.
2006-11-07 Mike TaylorCorrect HTML-encoding of debug output in dom_add_element()
2006-11-03 Mike Taylorreturn TEST_SKIPPED if search finds no records.
2006-11-03 Mike TaylorSupport for Status::TEST_SKIPPED
2006-11-02 Mike TaylorAdd warnings if running tasks leaves the ZOOM connectio...
2006-11-02 Mike TaylorNumber of search-hits included in log message.
2006-11-02 Mike TaylorFix POD syntax error.
2006-11-02 Mike TaylorAdd sanity-checks after main loop exists, verifying...
2006-11-02 Anders S. MortensenAdding named result set test.
2006-11-01 Mike TaylorRobust against complex text-nodes contains comments...
2006-11-01 Mike TaylorUse $ZOOM::IRSpy::Utils::IRSPY_NS instead of $ZOOM...
2006-11-01 Mike TaylorRemove $irspy_ns, superseded by $ZOOM::IRSpy::Utils...
2006-11-01 Mike TaylorNew function modify_xml_document()
2006-11-01 Anders S. MortensenInsert 0 instead of empty in case of failure.
2006-10-31 Mike TaylorGet xml_encode from Utils.
2006-10-31 Mike TaylorWork around ZOOM-C bug by testing success based on...
2006-10-31 Mike TaylorAdd dom_add_element() [NOT FINISHED!] and inheritance_t...
2006-10-30 Mike TaylorMove xml_encode() from IRSpy to Utils
2006-10-30 Mike TaylorInclude new Utils module.
2006-10-30 Mike TaylorNew
2006-10-30 Mike TaylorRemove stupid and fragile "use lib" hack, now that...
2006-10-27 Mike TaylorFactor IRSpy-independent _really_write_record() out of
2006-10-27 Anders S. MortensenUsing bib-1 instead of bib1.
2006-10-27 Mike Taylorirspy_xpath_context() also registers "i" as the IRSpy...
2006-10-26 Anders S. MortensenRemoving debugging.
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorStupid hack to fix occasional and unpredictable problem...
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorClarify diagnostic.
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorActually use Anders' temporary variable $irspy_to_zeere...
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorWhen actually obtaining the record with $rs->record...
2006-10-26 Anders S. MortensenGetting ready to model the irspy xml into zeerex using...
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorSet databaseName only temporarily within task.
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorRun correct sequence of tests
2006-10-26 Anders S. MortensenRemoving dublicated code.
2006-10-26 Anders S. MortensenPreparing test case.
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorNicer rendering
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorNew
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorReinstate full list of record syntaxes.
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorAfter an initial search (not using piggy-back), records...
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorAdd irspy_rs_record(), which queues a new Task::Retrieve
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorDie if a callback returns an unknown value. This is...
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenTypo.
2006-10-25 Mike Taylorrun() calls set_otions() again at the end to restore...
2006-10-25 Mike Taylorset_options() now stores the old values in the stored...
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenImplemented ExplainCategory probing.
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenAdded some extra debugging.
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenAdding empty hash ref to respect Mike's new api.
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorCall ->set_options()
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorConstructor now takes an options-hash argument.
2006-10-25 Mike Taylorirspy_connect() and irspy_seach_pqf() pass their option...
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorTweak irspy_search_pqf() call to use new API with optio...
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorTweak irspy_connect() call to use new API with options...
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorTest fetching.
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorUse new ability to pass options into irspy_search_pqf()
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorWhitesapce
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenRegistering the package.
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenAdded.
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenImplemented the fetch test module.
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenFixing uncaught exceptions.
2006-10-23 Anders S. MortensenGetting ready to test available record formats.
2006-10-23 Anders S. MortensenUsing store_result method to update zebra.
2006-10-23 Anders S. MortensenIntroduced methods store_result, _isodate and _string2c...
2006-10-20 Mike TaylorImport xml_encode() from IRSpy rather that IRSpy::Record
2006-10-20 Mike Taylorxml_encode() moved to
2006-10-20 Mike TaylorAdd two exportable utility functions:
2006-10-18 Mike TaylorDescribe CQL support.
2006-10-18 Mike TaylorClarified logging.
2006-10-17 Mike TaylorSkip over sibling tests on TEST_BAD.
2006-10-17 Mike TaylorDocumentation fix.
2006-10-17 Mike TaylorAdd Search::DBDate, which provokes failure in the LC...
2006-10-17 Mike TaylorNew
2006-10-17 Mike TaylorTask-level logging for failed tests.
2006-10-13 Mike TaylorRewrite each record as its target's tests complete.
2006-10-13 Mike TaylorNew -- used for running tests that are on the infrastru...
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenMoving the irspy namespace to the IRSpy package (to...
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenGetting ready to search for Dan1 attributes.
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenAdding all the Bib-1 attributes to test for.
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenRemoved again.
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenOups, wrong file to commit.
2006-10-13 Anders S. Mortensen*** empty log message ***
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenPassing hash ref as a test and using a more generic...
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorLogging changed and made more coherent
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorComments.
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous comment.
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorPass access-point as $udata into irspy_connect()
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorPass undefined $udata into irspy_connect()
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorConstructor takes new $udata argument.
2006-10-12 Mike Taylorirspy_connect() and irspy_search_pqf() have new $udata...
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorPass $udata into callbacks.
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorRequire ZOOM version 1.13
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorAttempt $conn->_check() immediately after submitting...
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorSimplify
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorAdd error()
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorSubtests are now correct (Ping and Search::Main)
2006-10-11 Mike Taylornew() contructor removed, replaced by create()
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorCorrect main loop ... for the first time ever.
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorRemove debugging print
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorCorrect parsing of deep paths (head ends at first,...
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorAdd missing =cut