new function validate_record()
[irspy-moved-to-github.git] / lib / ZOOM / IRSpy /
2010-04-28 Wolfram Schneidernew function validate_record()
2010-04-27 Wolfram SchneiderZero is a valid value for an tag. bug #3399
2010-04-27 Wolfram Schneiderround reliability stats
2010-04-27 Wolfram Schneidernew function utf8paramTrim()
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneiderdocumentation typo
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneiderexport trimField
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneiderrename function trimFields to trimField
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneidernew helper function trimFields()
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneiderremove stale $Id$
2010-04-14 Wolfram SchneiderMerge branch 'nigiri'
2010-04-14 Wolfram Schneiderimport Scalar::Util to test weaken references of perl...
2010-04-12 Mike Taylorcalc_reliability() renamed to calc_reliability_string()
2010-04-12 Mike TaylorRefactor calc_reliability() down into, whence...
2010-04-07 Wolfram Schneiderhandle protocol tcp as z39.50
2009-04-15 woschAdd support for apache2
2007-12-12 Mike TaylorClearer warning
2007-09-20 Mike TaylorBelt-and-braces check
2007-06-28 Anders S. MortensenExtract string from parameters in a more flexible way.
2007-06-27 Mike TaylorComment out over-verbose commentary.
2007-06-27 Mike TaylorProtect utf8param() from undefined values.
2007-05-11 Mike Taylorcql_quote() escapes wildcard characters.
2007-05-03 Mike TaylorAdd utf8param()
2007-05-02 Mike Taylormodify_xml_document()'s code for no-opping when no...
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorLess verbose.
2007-04-30 Mike Taylorirspy_identifier2target() properly implemented so that...
2007-04-27 Mike TaylorAbstract out identifier format, which is now handled...
2007-03-19 Mike Taylorirspy_xpath_context() can now take a LibXML element...
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorAdd render_record()
2007-03-01 Mike Taylorcql_quote() quotes terms that contain quotes and slashe...
2007-03-01 Mike TaylorBack to v1.21 -- cql_target() is not unnecessary after...
2007-03-01 Mike TaylorRemove unused cql_target()
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorAdd bib1_access_point()
2006-12-11 Anders S. MortensenOnly select those irspy:xxx entries newer than the...
2006-12-05 Mike Taylorxml_encode() now takes an optional hash of options.
2006-11-30 Mike Taylorxml_encode() does not translate /'/ to ' since...
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorAdd isodate()
2006-11-29 Mike Taylormodify_xml_document() now returns a list containing...
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorAdd cql_quote() and cql_target()
2006-11-14 Mike TaylorXml_encode() accepts fallback string.
2006-11-14 Mike TaylorComment out debugging warn()s
2006-11-14 Mike TaylorLots of tasties. Most importantly, dom_add_element...
2006-11-13 Mike TaylorNew utiltiy find_or_make_node() finds a node within...
2006-11-13 Mike TaylorComment
2006-11-09 Mike TaylorAdd irspy_namespace()
2006-11-08 Mike Taylorirspy_xpath_context() may now take a textual XML record...
2006-11-07 Mike TaylorComplete and should work ... but doesn't.
2006-11-07 Mike TaylorCorrect HTML-encoding of debug output in dom_add_element()
2006-11-01 Mike TaylorRobust against complex text-nodes contains comments...
2006-11-01 Mike TaylorNew function modify_xml_document()
2006-10-31 Mike TaylorAdd dom_add_element() [NOT FINISHED!] and inheritance_t...
2006-10-30 Mike TaylorMove xml_encode() from IRSpy to Utils
2006-10-30 Mike TaylorNew