Quick test includes Record::OPAC rather than Record::Fetch
[irspy-moved-to-github.git] / lib / ZOOM / IRSpy / Test / Search /
2010-04-26 Wolfram Schneidercomplete error timeout handling for all tests
2010-04-21 Wolfram Schneiderremove stale $Id$
2007-05-01 Mike Taylornew
2007-05-01 Mike TaylorInclude CQL test.
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorFix result-set leak.
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorFix result-set leak.
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorAbort test on 235 as well as 109.
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorTest is BAD if database is unavailable.
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorEnd test early if the Explain database is unavailable.
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorAbandon test if we run into a permanent system error...
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorUse ZEND only for callbacks, rather than RECV_*
2007-01-29 Mike TaylorOmit Test::Title test, since this fails (astonishingly...
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorImport isodate() from Utils.pm
2006-10-27 Anders S. MortensenUsing bib-1 instead of bib1.
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorSet databaseName only temporarily within task.
2006-10-26 Anders S. MortensenRemoving dublicated code.
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenTypo.
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenImplemented ExplainCategory probing.
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenAdding empty hash ref to respect Mike's new api.
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorTweak irspy_search_pqf() call to use new API with optio...
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenRegistering the Boolean.pm package.
2006-10-25 Anders S. MortensenAdded.
2006-10-23 Anders S. MortensenUsing store_result method to update zebra.
2006-10-17 Mike TaylorNew
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenGetting ready to search for Dan1 attributes.
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenAdding all the Bib-1 attributes to test for.
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenRemoved again.
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenPassing hash ref as a test and using a more generic...
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorLogging changed and made more coherent
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous comment.
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorPass access-point as $udata into irspy_connect()
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorPass undefined $udata into irspy_connect()
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorAdd error()
2006-10-06 Mike TaylorMany radical changes to the IRSpy engine, enabling...
2006-10-02 Anders S. MortensenAdded Search/Main.pm and addressing it in Main.pm.
2006-10-02 Anders S. MortensenAdded a pragmatic approach to a multi-connection parall...
2006-10-02 Anders S. MortensenAdded handlers for other types of ZOOM events so that...
2006-10-02 Anders S. Mortensenwait passes a hash reference rather than augmenting...
2006-09-26 Anders S. MortensenPass the bib-1 attribute number to the zoom callback...
2006-09-26 Anders S. MortensenAdding Bib-1 test case.
2006-09-13 Mike TaylorReorder
2006-07-24 Mike TaylorNote successes in record.
2006-07-11 Mike TaylorTweak
2006-06-21 Mike TaylorNew