Use new $node->next()/address() to correctly skip tests.
[irspy-moved-to-github.git] / lib / ZOOM /
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorUse new $node->next()/address() to correctly skip tests.
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorComplain if saved-XML files can't be opened.
2007-02-26 Mike Taylorbetter logging.
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorUse safe new $conn->check() instead of old private...
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorAdd new method find_targets()
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorSimplified event handling: only ZEND is significant.
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorComments only.
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorFormatting changes only.
2007-02-22 Mike TaylorIgnore errors detected on RECV_APDU except when the...
2007-02-22 Mike TaylorWarning of left-over events now emitted using yaz_log...
2007-02-22 Mike TaylorCatch all ZOOM::event() return values less than 1....
2007-02-21 Mike TaylorSave XML files, pre- and post-transform, to /tmp if
2007-02-13 Mike TaylorDo not go back into main loop if peek_event() is either...
2007-02-09 Mike TaylorTweak which events errors are ignored for.
2007-02-05 Mike TaylorDon't show spare event-0 at end.
2007-01-20 Mike TaylorPeek at queued events at loop exit.
2006-12-21 Mike TaylorDebugging save of XML to files in /tmp now controlled...
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorTry again (up to ten times) if main loop exits prematurely.
2006-12-14 Mike TaylorInclude Stats module.
2006-12-11 Anders S. MortensenOnly select those irspy:xxx entries newer than the...
2006-12-06 Mike TaylorDo not report remaining END events.
2006-11-21 Mike TaylorMore accurate debugging output.
2006-11-20 Mike TaylorMore debugging diagnostics after exit from main loop.
2006-11-16 Mike TaylorUse new cql_target() method from Utils.
2006-11-03 Mike TaylorSupport for Status::TEST_SKIPPED
2006-11-02 Mike TaylorAdd sanity-checks after main loop exists, verifying...
2006-11-01 Mike TaylorRemove $irspy_ns, superseded by $ZOOM::IRSpy::Utils...
2006-10-30 Mike TaylorMove xml_encode() from IRSpy to Utils
2006-10-30 Mike TaylorInclude new Utils module.
2006-10-30 Mike TaylorRemove stupid and fragile "use lib" hack, now that...
2006-10-27 Mike TaylorFactor IRSpy-independent _really_write_record() out of
2006-10-27 Mike Taylorirspy_xpath_context() also registers "i" as the IRSpy...
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorStupid hack to fix occasional and unpredictable problem...
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorClarify diagnostic.
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorActually use Anders' temporary variable $irspy_to_zeere...
2006-10-26 Anders S. MortensenGetting ready to model the irspy xml into zeerex using...
2006-10-25 Mike TaylorDie if a callback returns an unknown value. This is...
2006-10-20 Mike TaylorAdd two exportable utility functions:
2006-10-18 Mike TaylorClarified logging.
2006-10-17 Mike TaylorSkip over sibling tests on TEST_BAD.
2006-10-17 Mike TaylorTask-level logging for failed tests.
2006-10-13 Mike TaylorRewrite each record as its target's tests complete.
2006-10-13 Anders S. MortensenMoving the irspy namespace to the IRSpy package (to...
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorLogging changed and made more coherent
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorComments.
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorPass $udata into callbacks.
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorRequire ZOOM version 1.13
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorCorrect main loop ... for the first time ever.
2006-10-10 Mike TaylorUse $conn->log() instead of use option("target")
2006-10-06 Mike TaylorUse the Node class's subnodes() method, was subtests()
2006-10-06 Mike TaylorMany radical changes to the IRSpy engine, enabling...
2006-09-27 Mike Taylorcheck() now takes an optional test-name (defaults to...
2006-09-26 Mike TaylorMore SEE ALSOs
2006-09-26 Mike Taylor$this is now passed into new IRSpy::Record()
2006-09-25 Mike TaylorFix comment
2006-09-22 Mike TaylorBetter targets() API.
2006-09-20 Mike TaylorSupport authentication when connecting to master DB.
2006-09-18 Mike TaylorDo not attempt to test zero-length targets.
2006-07-27 Mike TaylorAdd commented-out logging.
2006-07-25 Mike TaylorNote absence of pretty-printing, which makes it hard...
2006-07-25 Mike TaylorGather targets when running in "all targets in DB"...
2006-07-24 Mike TaylorAdded isodate() utility method (was in Test/
2006-07-21 Mike Taylor_run_test() now detects loops.
2006-07-21 Mike TaylorTweak comment
2006-07-21 Mike TaylorRemove extraneous logging.
2006-07-18 Mike Taylor_parse_target_string() factored out of targets()
2006-06-21 Mike Taylor_run_test() can now cope with complex text-class names...
2006-06-21 Mike Taylorrecord() may take a Connection instead of a target...
2006-06-21 Mike TaylorExpose Pod object and per-target records to Test modules.
2006-06-20 Mike TaylorSlightly more explicit logging.
2006-06-20 Mike TaylorRename Net::Z3950::IRSpy to ZOOM::IRSpy
2006-06-20 Mike Taylormove Net/Z3950/ to ZOOM/