Code to send username/password. I am pretty sure this correct, but it
[irspy-moved-to-github.git] / bin /
2007-04-18 Mike TaylorTest-name specified in initialise() call rather than...
2007-03-19 Mike TaylorPass old ID into _really_rewrite_record()
2007-03-15 Mike TaylorNew set of arguments.
2007-03-07 Mike TaylorAdd another sample command-line.
2007-03-07 Mike TaylorReindex rather than dumping records.
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorNew -n <number> option sets size of active pool.
2007-03-05 Mike TaylorNew cmd-line.
2007-03-02 Mike TaylorMerely dumps records, does not reindex.
2007-03-02 Mike TaylorNew
2007-03-02 Mike TaylorRemove -Wdeclaration-after-statement, which is not...
2007-02-28 Mike TaylorArgs for complete run.
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorAdd alternative command-line for whole-database test.
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorNew -v option requests verbose commentary.
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorNew
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorInstructions for building setrlimit
2007-02-27 Mike TaylorIgnore compiled setrlimit
2007-02-26 Mike TaylorUse safe new $conn->check() instead of old private...
2007-02-24 Mike TaylorGet backtrace if program dies.
2007-02-23 Mike TaylorTest of all targets now requires explicit -a option...
2007-02-22 Mike TaylorSample command-line includes IRSPY_SAVE_XML setting.
2007-02-09 Mike TaylorNew
2007-02-09 Mike TaylorArgs for debugging Record::Fetch on LC
2007-02-06 Mike TaylorLightly tweak sample command-line to make it more amena...
2007-02-02 Anders S. MortensenAdded a little note.
2007-02-02 Anders S. MortensenThis has now changed name to
2007-02-02 Anders S. MortensenApplied Mike's nice -d option thing.
2007-02-02 Anders S. MortensenAdded irspy_xsltproc script which has the right irspy...
2007-02-02 Mike TaylorFix what I assume were out-of-date API calls.
2007-01-31 Mike TaylorUse "All tests were attempted", not "were run".
2007-01-24 Mike TaylorMove Zebra for port 3313 to 8018 (which is visible...
2006-12-18 Mike TaylorBetter sample command-line.
2006-12-15 Mike TaylorUse new $stats->print() method.
2006-12-14 Mike TaylorNew
2006-12-12 Anders S. MortensenAdded command line xslt processor which sets up the...
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorPrint list of changed fields.
2006-11-29 Mike TaylorMore logging.
2006-11-28 Mike TaylorCHange suggested debug level.
2006-11-18 Mike TaylorNew -w option to use a ZOOM::IRSpy::Web object.
2006-11-09 Mike TaylorSimplify due to correctly functioning modify_xml_document()
2006-11-09 Mike TaylorTypo in comment.
2006-11-08 Mike TaylorAll sort of improvments, many command-line flags.
2006-11-07 Mike TaylorBetter sample command-line.
2006-11-01 Mike TaylorDisplay diffs between the original and modified records
2006-11-01 Mike TaylorNew -- test-harness for complex XML-record update code.
2006-10-26 Mike TaylorNew
2006-10-17 Mike TaylorNew -- utility used for designing IRSpy tests.
2006-10-17 Mike TaylorRevise sample command-line yet again.
2006-10-13 Mike TaylorCHange suggested invocation
2006-10-12 Mike TaylorAdd comments on logging levels.
2006-10-11 Mike TaylorUse check() return value.
2006-10-09 Mike TaylorAdd explicit "-t test" to sample command-line
2006-10-06 Mike TaylorTweak sample command-line
2006-09-27 Mike TaylorAdd "-t <test>" option to run a specific test.
2006-09-22 Mike TaylorChanged example command-line comment to refelct new...
2006-09-22 Mike TaylorUSe new API for targets().
2006-09-22 Mike TaylorRemove -u option, which was never implemented.
2006-09-22 Mike TaylorTweak to use new targets() API.
2006-09-20 Mike TaylorPass admin user/pw in
2006-09-20 Mike TaylorUse port 3313 instead of 1313, which is in widish use...
2006-07-20 Mike TaylorSignificant simplifications. No functional changes.
2006-07-19 Mike TaylorNew, derived from
2006-07-19 Mike TaylorIgnore generated file.
2006-07-19 Mike TaylorNew
2006-07-19 Mike TaylorFIx harmless uninitialised-value warning.
2006-07-19 Mike TaylorTweak how-to-run comment for new location.
2006-07-19 Mike TaylorMove to bin/
2006-07-19 Mike TaylorMove to bin/
2006-07-19 Mike TaylorMove to bin/
2006-07-19 Mike TaylorMove to bin/