%# $Id: sru-auth.html,v 1.1 2007-08-21 09:48:41 mike Exp $ <%doc> In order to test the authentication feature of Simple2ZOOM, we need an authenticator script, accessible via HTTP. The simplest way to provide that is as a simple bit of HTML::Mason running under the conveniently available IRSpy distribution. Since this is only for testing, a hardwired user register is good enough. <%args> $user => undef $pass => undef <%once> our %register = ( mike => "fish", simon => "frog 123", admin => "Tom&jErry", ); <%perl> if (defined $user && defined $pass && $register{$user} eq $pass) { print "OK\n"; return; } else { $m->clear_buffer; $m->abort(401); # "Authorization Required" }