2008-01-18 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.0.24.
2008-01-18 Adam DickmeissUpdate copyright years
2008-01-17 Adam DickmeissEnable ICU using HAVE_ICU on Win32 (same as YAZ)
2008-01-17 Adam DickmeissICU libs now part of Win32 dist
2008-01-17 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.0.24.
2008-01-17 Adam DickmeissICU enable Zebra on Windows
2008-01-17 Adam DickmeissUsing YAZ_HAVE_ICU rather than HAVE_ICU.
2008-01-16 Adam DickmeissZebra logs timing for facet results
2008-01-09 Adam DickmeissChanged prototype of encode_key_write.
2008-01-09 Adam DickmeissFix encode_key_write to handle large index string.
2008-01-09 Adam DickmeissRemoved unused definitions
2008-01-09 Adam DickmeissRemoved useless debug msg
2008-01-09 Adam DickmeissRemoved code no longer in use.
2008-01-09 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #2002: Zebra crashes during merge using ICU...
2007-12-28 Adam DickmeissFixed zebra_recid_to_sysno for parameter no_sysnos.
2007-12-20 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.22. ZEBRA.2.0.22
2007-12-20 Adam DickmeissDeian 2.0.22-1.
2007-12-20 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.0.22.
2007-12-20 Adam DickmeissUpdate with things.
2007-12-20 Adam DickmeissLet zebra_map_tokenize_start returns -1 in case of...
2007-12-20 Adam DickmeissHandle encoding errors strings passed to ICU
2007-12-20 Adam DickmeissReference intro
2007-12-20 Anders S. MortensenNow supporting melm too.
2007-12-20 Adam DickmeissChanged log message for adelete action
2007-12-20 Adam DickmeissImplemented update action : adelete.
2007-12-20 Adam DickmeissBump version to 2.0.21.
2007-12-19 Adam DickmeissFuncion zebra_recid_to_sysno only attemps mapping if... ZEBRA.2.0.20
2007-12-19 Adam DickmeissRequire YAZ 3.0.17.
2007-12-19 Adam DickmeissTowards 2.0.20.
2007-12-19 Adam DickmeissOn facets and versions.
2007-12-19 Adam DickmeissAdded some material about ICU chains.
2007-12-18 Adam DickmeissWS updates (no code changes).
2007-12-18 Adam DickmeissPrevent zebra_clean from deleting files for uncommited...
2007-12-18 Adam DickmeissSimplify definition
2007-12-18 Adam DickmeissAllow 'index' setting value 'none' for no index types.
2007-12-17 Heikki LevantoAdded a note on unlimited disk space
2007-12-17 Heikki LevantoImproved error reporting in case of no more space....
2007-12-17 Anders S. MortensenAdded a little documentation.
2007-12-17 Anders S. MortensenFinished.
2007-12-17 Adam DickmeissEscape backslash for ICU terms in searches
2007-12-17 Adam DickmeissScan test. Using ICU config in 'tab'.
2007-12-17 Adam DickmeissAdded word ICU config for da (Danish).
2007-12-17 Anders S. MortensenAdded.
2007-12-17 Adam DickmeissSort indexes using ICU normalization.
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissAdded clean-local sections to fix make distcheck
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissRemoved log msg
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissConsider srcdir in tests (for make distcheck)
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissAdd modulePath (fix distcheck)
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissMARCXML example uses ICU.
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissICU charmap files.
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissFix icuchain file load to use profilePath
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissMARCXML example is using filter 'dom' instead of 'alvis'.
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissProper identity XSL
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissICU test is UTF-8 based.
2007-12-13 Adam DickmeissICU functional for scan and snippets.
2007-12-10 Adam DickmeissHandle display buf for searches (ICU).
2007-12-07 Adam DickmeissAdded test for complete-subfield search (:p).
2007-12-07 Adam DickmeissICU term lists are handled for search.
2007-12-05 Adam DickmeissAllow facet size to be specified.
2007-12-05 Adam DickmeissSort facets by set frequency.
2007-12-04 Adam DickmeissSUTRS-like result for Facet.
2007-12-04 Adam DickmeissRemove log message from zebra_recid_to_sysno
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissAdded strmap object
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissReduce number of CHECKs so that speed can be tested
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissRemoved unused source symtab.c.
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissAdded more tests WRT position attribute
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissMemory leak fix - in case of error in use of position...
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissOmit first-in-field index terms for facets
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissAdded function zebra_create_rset_isam .
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissAdded position attribute test
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissFirst functional facet result (zebra::facet::..).
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissLog records when they differ in tl_fetch_compare
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissFixed memory leak for safari filter
2007-12-03 Adam DickmeissAdded zebra_strmap_it(erator).
2007-12-02 Adam DickmeissAdded simple string map (hash) utility.
2007-12-01 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in zebra_recid_to_sysno (handle non isamb...
2007-11-30 Adam DickmeissAllow record retrieval for record types using custom...
2007-11-30 Adam DickmeissAdded testlib functions for fetch of records
2007-11-30 Adam DickmeissMoved local declaration (for debugging)
2007-11-28 Adam DickmeissExtend recindex system may use ISAMB for records map.
2007-11-28 Adam DickmeissWS updates (no code changes).
2007-11-28 Adam DickmeissExtend isamb_merge read handler with new insert mode.
2007-11-23 Adam DickmeissNew records.obj; removed recstat.obj
2007-11-23 Adam DickmeissGot rid of redundant files WRT records mgt.
2007-11-23 Adam DickmeissFactor records system mgt into recindex.c, records.c.
2007-11-23 Adam DickmeissRefactor recindex out of Records struct
2007-11-15 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.19. Use YAZ' wrbuf_write_escaped.
2007-11-15 Adam DickmeissMore ICU tests
2007-11-14 Adam DickmeissIgnore logfiles
2007-11-14 Adam DickmeissIngnore test programs and log files.
2007-11-14 Adam DickmeissAdded small test
2007-11-14 Adam DickmeissMake a test somewhat more readable
2007-11-14 Adam DickmeissUse test facility of YAZ
2007-11-13 Adam DickmeissUse zebra_map_get_or_add instead of zebra_map_get for...
2007-11-12 Adam DickmeissRequire YAZ 3.0.16 or later
2007-11-12 Adam DickmeissUpdate for ICU transform (was normalize)
2007-11-08 Adam DickmeissFirst successful test with ICU sortkeys in dictionary.
2007-11-08 Adam DickmeissAdded test of regexp patterns (DFA)
2007-11-08 Adam DickmeissUpdate for locale API changes.
2007-11-08 Adam DickmeissUse header icu.h instead of icu_I18N.h