2002-03-15 Adam Dickmeiss*** empty log message ***
2002-03-15 Adam Dickmeiss*** empty log message ***
2002-03-15 Adam DickmeissMinor.
2002-03-15 Adam Dickmeiss*** empty log message ***
2002-03-15 Adam Dickmeiss*** empty log message ***
2002-03-14 Adam DickmeissWIN32 compile (again)
2002-02-20 Adam DickmeissFixes for update
2002-02-20 Adam DickmeissRemove this file.
2002-02-20 Adam DickmeissRemove configure.
2002-02-20 Adam DickmeissBump version number
2002-02-20 Adam DickmeissWork on new API. Locking system re-implemented
2002-02-18 Adam Dickmeisscharmap warns for duplicate entries ZEBRA.1.1.stable
2002-02-18 Adam DickmeissServer crashed when bad sorting critieria was given
2002-01-14 Adam DickmeissBug fix in scan: first two entries wasn't returned.
2002-01-07 Adam DickmeissFix bug in sortIdx_type so that it returns error always
2001-11-19 Adam DickmeissFix unused var.
2001-11-19 Adam DickmeissAdded const qualifier for name parameter of key_SU_decode.
2001-11-19 Adam DickmeissAdded a few prototypes.
2001-11-15 Adam DickmeissFix for weight (bug introduced by previous commit).
2001-11-14 Adam DickmeissRank-weight may be controlled via query.
2001-10-29 Adam DickmeissServer unlocks both "cmt" and "org" lock in zebra_serve...
2001-10-26 Adam DickmeissLess LOG_LOG messages.
2001-10-25 Adam DickmeissVersion 1.1. ZEBRA.1.1
2001-10-15 Adam DickmeissUsing CFLAGS instead of INCLUDE to set C flags.
2001-10-15 Adam DickmeissPOSIX thread updates. First work on term sets.
2001-10-15 Adam DickmeissMore readable script.
2001-10-01 Adam DickmeissFor UNIX process ID is logged.
2001-09-21 Adam DickmeissAdded Redhat boot script for zebrasrv.
2001-07-10 Adam DickmeissAdded file rsidamd.obj.
2001-07-09 Adam DickmeissWIN32 fix.
2001-07-09 Adam DickmeissAdded dirent.c.
2001-06-14 Adam DickmeissBug fix: default storeKeys setting wasn't read when...
2001-05-29 Adam DickmeissMore fixes for character encodings.
2001-05-28 Adam DickmeissCall flushSortKeys when record is skipped to fix bad...
2001-05-22 Adam DickmeissFixes for Tcl UTF8 character handling.
2001-05-22 Adam DickmeissRemoved print of data1 tree on stdout so that inetd...
2001-04-11 Adam DickmeissBug fix: multiple space mapped to one space when using...
2001-03-29 Adam DickmeissFixed "record begin" for Tcl filter.
2001-03-29 Adam DickmeissUpdated.
2001-03-29 Adam DickmeissFixed nasty bug for fileUpdate.
2001-02-28 Adam DickmeissFixed problem with missing isams for
2001-02-27 Adam DickmeissImproved filter.
2001-02-27 Adam DickmeissAdded CDDB sample.
2001-02-26 Adam DickmeissUpdated for BZIP2 1.0.X. Configure script doesn't enabl...
2001-02-26 Adam DickmeissUpdated.
2001-02-21 Adam DickmeissModified date.
2001-02-21 Adam DickmeissUpdated
2001-02-21 Adam DickmeissNinor changes.
2001-02-21 Adam DickmeissRemoved's.
2001-02-21 Adam DickmeissAdded yaz.m4.
2001-02-21 Adam DickmeissRemoved.
2001-02-21 Adam DickmeissRemoved install-sh.
2001-02-21 Adam DickmeissFixed LFS detection.
2001-02-14 Adam DickmeissFixed versions as returned in INIT response.
2001-02-05 Adam DickmeissAdded rsisamd.h
2001-01-29 Adam DickmeissTest script creates tmp and lock if necessary.
2001-01-22 Adam DickmeissAdded support for raw retrieval (element set name ...
2001-01-22 Adam DickmeissAdded numerical sort.
2001-01-16 Heikki LevantoAdded rsisamd
2001-01-16 Heikki LevantoAdded rsisamd.c
2001-01-16 Heikki LevantoStarted to work on isamg
2001-01-16 Heikki LevantoStarted to add isamg
2001-01-16 Heikki LevantoSearching in my isam-d
2001-01-14 Adam DickmeissAdded include of sys/types.h for UNIX to get definition...
2000-12-05 Adam DickmeissFixed problem where indexer could crash if abstract...
2000-12-05 Adam DickmeissFixed minor bug that could cause zmbol to break it...
2000-12-05 Adam DickmeissTermlist source implemented (so that we can index value...
2000-12-05 Adam DickmeissFixed bug regarding user-defined attribute sets.
2000-12-05 Adam DickmeissWork on dict_delete_subtree.
2000-12-01 Adam DickmeissFixed bug regarding online updates on WIN32.
2000-11-29 Adam DickmeissFixed problem with passwd db.
2000-11-29 Adam DickmeissScript configure uses yaz pthreads options. Added locki...
2000-11-08 Adam DickmeissUpdated version.
2000-11-08 Adam DickmeissFixed scan: server could break if bad attribute/databas...
2000-11-01 Adam DickmeissFixed for new version of automake.
2000-10-17 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
2000-10-17 Adam DickmeissMinor.
2000-10-17 Adam DickmeissAdded YAZ in aclocal.m4.
2000-10-17 Adam DickmeissUpdated.
2000-10-17 Adam DickmeissFixed notification of live-updates. Fixed minor problem...
2000-10-16 Adam DickmeissFixed problem with close of lock file for WIN32.
2000-10-11 Adam DickmeissUsing YAZ_INIT for autoconf. Added template code for...
2000-10-04 Adam DickmeissSUBDIR fix for automake.
2000-09-06 Adam DickmeissUsing read-only (for now) for server.
2000-09-05 Adam DickmeissUpdates for prefix 'yaz_' for YAZ log functions.
2000-07-13 Heikki LevantoRemoved compiler warnings when making zebra
2000-07-07 Adam DickmeissOptimized resultSetInsert{Rank,Sort}.
2000-07-06 Adam DickmeissMinor.
2000-06-09 ianAdded some logging on Authentication and searches.
2000-05-23 Adam DickmeissCombined zebra/zmbol makefile.
2000-05-18 Adam DickmeissSystem call times(2) used again. More 64-bit fixes.
2000-05-15 Adam DickmeissAdded support for 64 bit input file support.
2000-05-15 Adam DickmeissAdded 64 bit file input.
2000-05-15 Adam DickmeissMinor change.
2000-05-15 Adam DickmeissRecord offset of size off_t.
2000-05-09 Adam DickmeissAdded call to xmalloc/nmem debugging functions.
2000-05-05 Adam DickmeissFixed locking for metafiles.
2000-05-02 Adam DickmeissFixed tcl configure switch.
2000-04-19 Adam DickmeissWIN32 update (this version is known not to work on...
2000-04-17 Adam DickmeissWIN32 update.