1999-05-21 Adam DickmeissMinor.
1999-05-21 Adam DickmeissBetter diagnostics for extraction process.
1999-05-21 Adam DickmeissTcl filter attempts to read <filt>.tflt. Improvements...
1999-05-20 Adam DickmeissImplemented TCL filter. Updated recctrl system.
1999-05-18 Adam DickmeissMinor fix.
1999-05-15 Adam DickmeissUpdated dictionary. Implemented "compression" of dictio...
1999-05-15 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1999-05-12 Adam DickmeissFirst version of ISAMS.
1999-05-12 Adam DickmeissFirst version of ISAMS.
1999-04-28 Adam DickmeissFixed stupid bug regarding split-files.
1999-04-22 Adam DickmeissAdded check for -lwrap.
1999-03-09 Adam DickmeissMore work on SDRKit integration.
1999-03-09 Adam DickmeissWork on dict_compact routine.
1999-03-09 Adam DickmeissWork on compaction of dictionary/isamc.
1999-03-02 Sebastian HammerAdded "tagsysno" and "tagrank" directives to zebra...
1999-03-02 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1999-02-19 Adam DickmeissImplemented chdir-setting.
1999-02-19 Adam DickmeissMinor fix.
1999-02-18 Adam DickmeissStructure=key uses register type 0.
1999-02-18 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1999-02-18 Adam DickmeissChanged file naming scheme for register files as well...
1999-02-17 Adam DickmeissFixed zebra_close so that a NULL pointer is ignored.
1999-02-17 Adam DickmeissFixed in record_fetch. Minor updates to API.
1999-02-15 Adam DickmeissAdded SUTRS for API test program.
1999-02-12 Adam DickmeissImplemented position-flag for registers.
1999-02-02 Adam DickmeissUpdated WIN32 code specific sections. Changed header.
1999-01-25 Adam DickmeissFixed bug.
1998-12-16 Adam DickmeissAdded facility for database name mapping using resource...
1998-11-29 Sebastian HammerAdded some Swedish characters
1998-11-17 Adam DickmeissChanged project.
1998-11-16 Adam DickmeissMoved loggin utilities to Yaz. Was implemented in file...
1998-11-16 Adam DickmeissBetter error reporting for result sets.
1998-11-16 Adam DickmeissAdded addtional info for error 114 - unsupported use...
1998-11-16 Adam DickmeissFixed problem with zebraPosSetCreate that occurred...
1998-11-04 Adam DickmeissFixed bug regarding recordBytes in databaseInfo.
1998-11-04 Adam DickmeissAdded SOIF-filter.
1998-11-03 Adam DickmeissYet another fix.
1998-11-03 Adam DickmeissFixed bug introduced by previous commit.
1998-11-03 Adam DickmeissChanged code so that it creates as few data1 nodes...
1998-11-03 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-11-03 Adam DickmeissFixed memory leak that could occur for when large data1...
1998-11-03 Adam DickmeissFixed bug regarding creation of some data1 nodes for...
1998-11-03 Adam DickmeissUses stat and not lstat so that file traversal follows...
1998-10-28 Adam DickmeissUpdated makefiles to work with YC automatically.
1998-10-28 Adam DickmeissFix for DOS-formatted configuration files.
1998-10-28 Adam DickmeissSDRKit integration.
1998-10-28 Adam DickmeissAdded type cast to prevent warning.
1998-10-28 Adam DickmeissAdded type cast to prevent warning.
1998-10-18 Adam DickmeissAdditional info added for diagnostics 114 (Unsupported...
1998-10-18 Adam DickmeissChanged one logf call.
1998-10-16 Adam DickmeissUpdated record control system.
1998-10-15 Adam DickmeissChanges.
1998-10-15 Adam DickmeissAdded support for option -record for "end element"...
1998-10-15 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in Zebra that caused it to stop indexing...
1998-10-15 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-10-13 Adam DickmeissChanges.
1998-10-13 Adam DickmeissChanged configure script.
1998-10-13 Adam DickmeissChanged the way attribute sets are saved in Explain...
1998-10-13 Adam DickmeissChanged "indent" format string in log messages.
1998-10-13 Adam DickmeissFixed one log message and change use ordinal to be...
1998-10-13 Adam DickmeissChanged call to readconf_line.
1998-10-13 Adam DickmeissChanged some log messages.
1998-09-28 Adam DickmeissFix for Compiled ASN.1.
1998-09-22 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-09-22 Adam DickmeissMinor changes in search API.
1998-09-22 Adam DickmeissChanged result sets to be persistent in the sense that...
1998-09-18 Adam DickmeissFixed bug with numerical relations.
1998-09-02 Adam DickmeissZebra uses GNU Configure.
1998-09-02 Adam DickmeissExtra parameter decode added to search routines to...
1998-08-24 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-08-07 Adam DickmeissFixed but in cf_commit_flat.
1998-08-06 Adam DickmeissRoutine bend_deleterequest removed.
1998-07-01 Adam DickmeissMinor fix.
1998-07-01 Adam DickmeissElement localno only added when it's greater than 0.
1998-06-30 Adam DickmeissTags are trimmed: white space removed before- and after...
1998-06-30 Adam DickmeissBug fix.
1998-06-26 Sebastian HammerAdded support (un-optimised) for left and left/right...
1998-06-25 Adam DickmeissMinor changes to Visual C++ project.
1998-06-25 Adam DickmeissMinor changes - fixex headers.
1998-06-24 Adam DickmeissSupport for relations on text operands. Open range...
1998-06-23 Adam DickmeissAdded feature to specify sort criteria in query (type...
1998-06-22 Adam DickmeissAdded authentication check facility to zebra.
1998-06-22 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-06-22 Adam DickmeissChanged scan callback function so it doesn't stop furth...
1998-06-22 Adam DickmeissAdded two type casts.
1998-06-13 Adam DickmeissAdded apitest project.
1998-06-13 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-06-12 Adam DickmeissMinor change.
1998-06-12 Adam DickmeissWork on Zebra API.
1998-06-12 Adam DickmeissFixed memory-leak.
1998-06-11 Adam DickmeissChanged the way use attributes are specified in the...
1998-06-11 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-06-09 Adam DickmeissImplemented auto-generation of CategoryList records.
1998-06-08 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-06-08 Adam DickmeissAdded suport for EXPLAIN Proxy servers - added settings...
1998-06-08 Adam DickmeissFixed problem with signed character(s) in regular expre...
1998-06-02 Adam DickmeissFixed bug related to attributeDetails.
1998-05-27 Adam DickmeissZebra returns surrogate diagnostic for single records...
1998-05-27 Adam DickmeissChanged default block category layout.
1998-05-27 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in mf_write. 'Cap off' byte written at wrong...