1998-06-13 Adam DickmeissAdded apitest project.
1998-06-13 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-06-12 Adam DickmeissMinor change.
1998-06-12 Adam DickmeissWork on Zebra API.
1998-06-12 Adam DickmeissFixed memory-leak.
1998-06-11 Adam DickmeissChanged the way use attributes are specified in the...
1998-06-11 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-06-09 Adam DickmeissImplemented auto-generation of CategoryList records.
1998-06-08 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-06-08 Adam DickmeissAdded suport for EXPLAIN Proxy servers - added settings...
1998-06-08 Adam DickmeissFixed problem with signed character(s) in regular expre...
1998-06-02 Adam DickmeissFixed bug related to attributeDetails.
1998-05-27 Adam DickmeissZebra returns surrogate diagnostic for single records...
1998-05-27 Adam DickmeissChanged default block category layout.
1998-05-27 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in mf_write. 'Cap off' byte written at wrong...
1998-05-20 Adam DickmeissImplemented automatic EXPLAIN database maintenance.
1998-05-20 Adam DickmeissFixed register spec so that colon isn't treated as...
1998-04-26 Adam DickmeissUpdated Visual C++ project files.
1998-04-26 Adam DickmeissAdded include of string.h.
1998-04-03 Adam DickmeissFixed setting of last_in_set in bend_fetch.
1998-04-02 Adam DickmeissFirst version of Zebra that works with compiled ASN.1.
1998-03-25 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in rset_trunc_r.
1998-03-19 Adam DickmeissMinor change.
1998-03-19 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-03-18 Adam DickmeissBlocks are stored in chunks on free list - up to factor...
1998-03-16 Adam DickmeissAdded more statistics.
1998-03-13 Adam DickmeissNew functions isc_block_used and isc_block_size. Fixed...
1998-03-11 Adam DickmeissChanged the way sequence numbers are generated.
1998-03-11 Adam DickmeissChanged the isc_merge to take into account the mfill...
1998-03-06 Adam DickmeissFixed bug which related to scanning of large indexes.
1998-03-06 Adam DickmeissFixed two nasty bugs in isc_merge.
1998-03-05 Adam DickmeissImproved ranking.
1998-03-05 Adam DickmeissNew result set model and modular ranking system. Moved...
1998-03-05 Adam DickmeissMinor changes to zebramap data structures. Query mappin...
1998-03-05 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-03-05 Adam DickmeissImplemented rule contexts.
1998-03-05 Adam DickmeissMinor changes to zebramap data structures. Changed...
1998-03-05 Adam DickmeissNew member recordSize in recRetrieveCtrl.
1998-03-05 Adam DickmeissNew result set model.
1998-03-05 Adam DickmeissAdded a few comments - no code changed.
1998-02-17 Adam DickmeissFixed bug: binary files weren't opened with flag b...
1998-02-17 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in zebraIndexUnlock. On NT, the lock files...
1998-02-17 Adam DickmeissMoved towards 'automatic' EXPLAIN database.
1998-02-10 Adam DickmeissMinor change.
1998-02-10 Adam DickmeissImplemented Sort.
1998-02-10 Adam DickmeissImplemented rset_dup.
1998-02-10 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-01-30 Adam DickmeissUpdated.
1998-01-30 Adam DickmeissUpdated doc.
1998-01-30 Adam DickmeissUpdated documentation.
1998-01-29 Adam DickmeissUpdated.
1998-01-29 Adam DickmeissBetter logging for scan service.
1998-01-29 Adam DickmeissCompress ISAM is default.
1998-01-29 Adam DickmeissFixed problem with mapping to record with unknown schema.
1998-01-29 Adam DickmeissStructure word-list, free-form-text and document-text all
1998-01-29 Adam DickmeissUpdated doc.
1998-01-29 Adam DickmeissAdded README.
1998-01-29 Adam Dickmeiss1.0b1.
1998-01-29 Adam DickmeissNew test directories.
1998-01-26 Adam DickmeissBetter diagnostics.
1998-01-26 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1998-01-26 Adam DickmeissUpdated indexes.
1998-01-19 Sebastian HammerUpdated doc.
1998-01-12 Adam DickmeissRemoved exit - call.
1998-01-12 Adam DickmeissThe test option (-s) only uses read-lock (and not write...
1998-01-12 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in term_Tnode.
1998-01-07 Adam DickmeissQueries using simple ranked operands returns right...
1998-01-07 Sebastian Hammer*** empty log message ***
1997-12-18 Adam DickmeissNew method result set method rs_hits that returns the...
1997-12-12 Adam DickmeissChanged NETLIB to ELIBS as in YAZ.
1997-12-12 Adam DickmeissFixed doc.
1997-12-12 Adam DickmeissFixed bug that showed up when multiple filter where...
1997-11-19 Adam DickmeissBug fix (introduced by previous commit).
1997-11-18 Adam DickmeissChanged character map facility so that admin can specif...
1997-11-18 Adam DickmeissFunction res_trav returns number of 'hits'.
1997-11-18 Adam DickmeissMember num_children removed from data1_node.
1997-11-17 Adam DickmeissBug fix. Relation=relevance wasn't observed.
1997-11-06 Adam DickmeissImplemented "begin variant" for the sgml.regx filter.
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissFixed a few memory leaks.
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissUpdate MSVC project files.
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissChanged log message.
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissResouce name can be terminated with either white-space...
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissBug fix: added missing xfree() call.
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissCode calls xfree() instead of free().
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissMinor change that avoids compiler warning.
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissAdded a few log statements.
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissChanged a few log statements.
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissBug fix: memory leak.
1997-10-31 Adam DickmeissAdded missing nmem_init.
1997-10-29 Adam DickmeissServer produces diagnostic "Unsupported Attribute Set...
1997-10-29 Adam DickmeissAdded missing prototype.
1997-10-29 Adam DickmeissUsing oid_ent_to_oid used instead of the non thread...
1997-10-27 Adam DickmeissNew character mapping files.
1997-10-27 Adam DickmeissFixed bug - data1 root node wasn't tagged at all!
1997-10-27 Adam DickmeissWork on generic character mapping depending on "structu...
1997-10-27 Adam DickmeissMoved towards generic character mapping depending on...
1997-10-27 Adam DickmeissFixed memory leak.
1997-10-27 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1997-10-27 Adam DickmeissFixed memory leaks.
1997-10-01 Adam DickmeissSmall improvement of new ranking.