1999-12-01 Adam DickmeissMinor.
1999-12-01 Adam DickmeissUpdated configure for Zmbol/Zebra dependent settings.
1999-12-01 Adam DickmeissAdded LICENSE.
1999-11-30 Adam DickmeissAdded RPM spec.
1999-11-30 Adam DickmeissMoved isams.
1999-11-30 Adam DickmeissRemoved isams from sub dir isamc.
1999-11-30 Adam DickmeissRemoved isamh.
1999-11-30 Adam DickmeissImproved installation. Updated for inclusion of YAZ...
1999-11-29 Adam DickmeissServer sets implementationName - and Version.
1999-11-04 Adam DickmeissImplemented delete result set(s).
1999-10-29 Adam DickmeissFixed decompression buffer overflow.
1999-10-29 Adam DickmeissMinor fix in bend_init where handle wasn't set to NULL...
1999-10-29 Adam DickmeissFixed minor bug where database name wasn't set in zebra...
1999-10-15 Adam DickmeissFixed replace handler. 8-bit fix.
1999-10-14 Adam DickmeissAdded truncation 5=106.
1999-10-07 Adam DickmeissAllow res_get / res_get_def with NULL res.
1999-10-06 Heikki LevantoImproving block sizes again
1999-10-06 Heikki Levantomproved statistics on isam-d
1999-10-05 Heikki LevantoTuning the isam-d (and fixed a small "detail")
1999-09-27 Heikki Levantosingletons
1999-09-23 Heikki Levantosingleton optimising
1999-09-23 Adam DickmeissImplemented structure=105 searching.
1999-09-21 Heikki LevantoAdded filter function. Not much of effect on the small...
1999-09-20 Heikki LevantoSmall changes
1999-09-13 Heikki Levantoisam-d optimizing: merging input data in the same go
1999-09-08 Adam DickmeissFixed minor bug "replace"-mappings. Removed some loggin...
1999-09-08 Adam DickmeissRemoved log message.
1999-09-08 Adam DickmeissFixed bad message.
1999-09-07 Adam DickmeissMinor changes.
1999-09-07 Adam DickmeissRemoved log messages.
1999-09-07 Adam DickmeissWork on character mapping. Implemented replace rules.
1999-08-25 Heikki LevantoStarting to optimize
1999-08-24 Heikki LevantoFallback to isamc
1999-08-24 Heikki LevantoBlock sizes, comments
1999-08-24 Heikki LevantoComments about optimising
1999-08-22 Heikki LevantoCOmments
1999-08-20 Heikki LevantoStatistics in isamd
1999-08-20 Heikki LevantoLog levels
1999-08-18 Heikki LevantoFixed another unlikely difflen bug
1999-08-18 Heikki LevantoSet log levels to decent values
1999-08-18 Heikki LevantoAnother fix for the difflen problem.
1999-08-18 Heikki LevantoAdded a comment on memory leaks
1999-08-18 Heikki LevantoFixed (another) difflen bug
1999-08-18 Heikki LevantoFixed a detail
1999-08-18 Heikki LevantoMemory leak hunting
1999-08-18 Heikki Levantoisamd
1999-08-18 Heikki LevantoFixes
1999-08-17 Heikki LevantoFixed a memory leak
1999-08-17 Heikki LevantoFixed memory leaks
1999-08-07 Heikki LevantoBug fixing (still a mem leak somewhere)
1999-08-04 Heikki Levantoisam-d seems to be working.
1999-08-02 Adam DickmeissFixed bug regarding zebra_hits.
1999-07-23 Heikki LevantoHunted a few bugs in isam-d. Still crashes on the long...
1999-07-23 Heikki Levantomerged closer to working, still fails on filling a...
1999-07-21 Heikki Levantoisamd read and write functions work, except when block...
1999-07-21 Heikki Levantoisamd write and read functions ok, except when diff...
1999-07-21 Adam DickmeissMore version info on WIN32.
1999-07-20 Adam DickmeissFixed bug that occurred when phrases had 0 hits.
1999-07-15 Adam DickmeissBug fix: Anyset (.) includes all 8-bit characters when...
1999-07-14 Heikki Levantoslow start on isam-d
1999-07-14 Heikki LevantoAdded isam-d files. Compiles (almost) clean. Doesn...
1999-07-14 Heikki LevantoCreated empty
1999-07-14 Adam DickmeissTcl filter works with objects when TCL is version 8...
1999-07-14 Heikki LevantoCopied from isamh, starting to change things...
1999-07-14 Heikki LevantoLarge-block isam-h (may not work too well... Abandonin...
1999-07-14 Adam DickmeissChanged functions isc_getmethod, isams_getmethod.
1999-07-14 Adam DickmeissFixed potential memory leak.
1999-07-14 Adam DickmeissFilter handles multiple records in one file.
1999-07-14 Adam DickmeissFixed memory leak.
1999-07-14 Adam DickmeissUpdated various routines to handle missing explain...
1999-07-13 Heikki LevantoRemoved the one-block append, it had a serious flaw.
1999-07-13 Adam DickmeissFixed memory leak.
1999-07-13 Heikki LevantoBetter allocation strategy in isamh_merge
1999-07-13 Adam DickmeissUpdated zebra.cfg.
1999-07-13 Heikki LevantoManaging negative deltas
1999-07-12 Adam DickmeissImproved speed of Tcl processing. Fixed one memory...
1999-07-08 Heikki LevantoFixed a bug in isamh_pp_read and cleaned up a bit
1999-07-07 Heikki LevantoFixed an assertion in isamh
1999-07-06 Heikki LevantoIsamH startss to work - at least it builds indexes...
1999-07-06 Adam DickmeissFixed bug (introduced by previous commit).
1999-07-06 Adam DickmeissMinor.
1999-07-06 Adam DickmeissUpdated record index structure. Format includes version...
1999-07-06 Adam DickmeissRetrieval handler obeys schema and handles XML transfer...
1999-07-06 Adam DickmeissFixed filters so that MS-DOS CR is ignored.
1999-07-06 Heikki LevantoWorking on isamh - not ready yet.
1999-06-30 Heikki LevantoAdding isamh stuff
1999-06-30 Heikki Levantocopied from isamc.h, simplifying
1999-06-30 Heikki Levantoopied from isamc.p.h, starting to simplify
1999-06-30 Heikki LevantoCopied from isamc.c, slowly starting to simplify...
1999-06-30 Heikki Levantofirst take on isamh, the append-only isam structure
1999-06-30 Adam DickmeissAdded coder to reset.
1999-06-28 Sebastian HammerImproved diagnostics for Tcl
1999-06-25 Adam DickmeissUpdated MSVC project files.
1999-06-25 Adam DickmeissMinor change that prevents MSVC warning.
1999-06-17 Adam DickmeissBug fix: Scan SEGV'ed when getting unknown use attribute.
1999-06-10 Adam DickmeissFixed to use bend_start instead of pre_init.
1999-06-10 Adam DickmeissMinor change to pre_init handler.
1999-06-09 Adam DickmeissChanged Makefiles to NOT include ../../yaz/z39.50.
1999-05-26 Adam DickmeissC++ compilation.
1999-05-25 Adam DickmeissFixed bug in Tcl filter.