2014-06-30 Adam DickmeissDo not build for Ubuntu Lucid anymore
2014-04-22 Adam DickmeissBuild packages for Ubuntu Trusty Tahr 14.04 LTS
2014-04-17 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.59 v2.0.59
2014-04-17 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-04-17 Adam DickmeissFix 0 ptr reference in zsets.c ZEB-661
2014-03-06 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.58 v2.0.58
2014-03-06 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-03-06 Adam DickmeissFix test_icu_indexing ZEB-660
2014-03-06 Adam DickmeissExamples using Bib-1 use attributes
2014-03-06 Adam DickmeissEnable Bib-1 searches (using numeric use attributes)
2014-02-28 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.57 v2.0.57
2014-02-28 Adam DickmeissAdd Debian Jessie, Ubuntu saucy, raring
2014-02-28 Adam DickmeissNMAKE makefile: change TCL setting
2014-02-28 Adam DickmeissDoc: update WRT ID Deb packages
2014-02-28 Adam DickmeissNMAKE makefile: Compile with YAZ 5
2014-02-28 Adam DickmeissRPM/Deb: use libyaz5
2014-02-28 Adam Dickmeissidzebra-config-2.0: quote some RHS values
2014-02-26 Adam DickmeissUpdate various URLs
2014-01-03 Adam DickmeissHappy new year
2013-11-04 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.56 v2.0.56
2013-09-11 Adam DickmeissYAZ 5 updates
2013-06-28 Adam DickmeissRead-only sets uses common no write handler
2013-06-24 Adam DickmeissUpdate usage for new check syntax
2013-06-24 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.55 v2.0.55
2013-06-24 Adam Dickmeisszebraidx man: document check command ZEB-656
2013-06-24 Adam Dickmeisszebraidx command 'check' takes options as argument
2013-06-24 Adam Dickmeisszebra_register_check: warn for unknown options
2013-06-24 Adam DickmeissDocumentation re-indent, remove trailing whitespace
2013-06-24 Adam Dickmeisszebraidx check command uses fileVerboseLimit ZEB-657
2013-06-21 Adam Dickmeisszebra_it_key_str_dump prints escaped ICU dictionary...
2013-06-21 Adam DickmeissFix check of dictionary entry size (IT_MAX_WORD)
2013-06-12 Adam DickmeissNo longer build for Ubuntu natty
2013-04-23 Adam DickmeissNew package idzebra-2.0-dbg ZEB-654
2013-03-27 Adam DickmeissIgnore local0.ent
2013-03-27 Adam DickmeissDocumentation rebuilt if local.ent changes
2013-03-27 Adam DickmeissNo prefix entity
2013-03-27 Adam DickmeissRPM: simplify make install rule
2013-03-18 Adam DickmeissRemove two un-maintained scripts
2013-03-18 Adam DickmeissDeb: idzebra-2.0-utils includes init.d script
2013-03-18 Adam DickmeissDeb: compat 5
2013-03-18 Adam DickmeissUpdate Zebra URL
2013-03-18 Adam DickmeissListen on @6:2100 only (not @:2100)
2013-03-18 Adam DickmeissRPM: idzebra-2.0 includes init.d script
2013-01-21 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.54 v2.0.54
2013-01-21 Adam DickmeissDocument type=adelete for dom
2013-01-21 Adam DickmeissUpdate NEWS
2013-01-21 Adam DickmeissReformat
2013-01-21 Adam DickmeissRefactor ICU basechar search into function
2013-01-21 Adam DickmeissFix code to search for \x01 characters (ICU mode)
2013-01-18 Adam Dickmeissdom: accept type="adelete" (accept bad deletes)
2013-01-15 Adam DickmeissAdd test case for bad UTF-8 ISO2709 record
2013-01-15 Adam DickmeissLog XML2/XSLT errors to yaz_log
2013-01-11 Adam DickmeissReformat; Update copyright year
2013-01-11 Adam DickmeissExample MARC indexing XSL uses leader to control update
2013-01-08 Adam DickmeissBump copyright year
2012-12-11 Adam DickmeissProperly escape \ in non-regexp searches
2012-12-03 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.53 v2.0.53
2012-12-03 Adam DickmeissUse dpkg-buildflags in build process
2012-11-30 Adam DickmeissAdd support for centos6 and Ubuntu quantal
2012-11-21 Adam DickmeissReformat
2012-11-21 Adam DickmeissMinor refactor of r_pos_x
2012-11-21 Adam DickmeissImprove pos of rset_create_or
2012-11-20 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-11-19 Adam Dickmeiss2.0.52-2 (snippets release) v2.0.52-2
2012-11-19 Adam DickmeissFix snippets for non-ICU / seqno not updated
2012-11-14 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-11-14 Adam DickmeissRemove a few redundant include(s).
2012-11-14 Adam DickmeissReplace key_compare_it with key_compare
2012-10-20 Adam DickmeissFix for libidzebra-2.0-dev
2012-09-19 Adam DickmeissReformat: delete trailing whitespace
2012-08-30 Adam DickmeissDisable two tests WRT regexp search in ICU mode
2012-08-28 Adam DickmeissStart work on ICU based regexp searches
2012-08-21 Adam DickmeissUpdate m4
2012-08-14 Adam DickmeissICU: support @attr 5=2, @attr 5=3 in searches
2012-08-07 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-08-07 Adam DickmeissUse m4/
2012-07-22 Adam DickmeissFix typo WRT first Zebra version that supported ICU
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.52 v2.0.52
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissUpdate test case for long terms
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissDict: fix out-of-bounds for long terms
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissRPM: make main package
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissRPM: change name of SRPM to idzebra
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.51 v2.0.51
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissUpdate NEWS
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissUpdate doc/common
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissLink with Tcl 8.5
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissAdd CentOS5 in build
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissBreak long lines in debian/control
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissIncrease max bytes per term from 256 to 512
2012-05-21 Adam DickmeissBounds check terms based in ICU norm
2012-05-21 Adam DickmeissPrevent memcpy overlap
2012-05-21 Adam DickmeissExtra wheezy release
2012-05-01 Adam DickmeissBuild for Ubuntu precise, no build for maverick
2012-04-24 Adam DickmeissDo not build for Debian lenny anymore
2012-02-17 Adam DickmeissUpdate doc/common
2012-01-04 Adam DickmeissRemove obsolete references
2012-01-04 Adam DickmeissRemove Emilda section
2011-12-15 Adam DickmeissIDMETA and mk_version.tcl part of Windows package
2011-12-15 Adam DickmeissMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-12-15 Adam Dickmeissmk_version.tcl: read version from IDMETA