2006-07-04 Adam DickmeissDoxygen looks in more directories for source
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissNo longer in use
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissRecord filter files moved to index directory
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissShorter sleep in tstflock
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissUpdate idzebra-config for new libs install layout.
2006-07-03 Marc Crommeremoving tstflock.out
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissBuild main Bug #620.
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissDeal with double unlocks (which does happen sometimes)
2006-07-03 Anders S. MortensenA few typos.
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissOnly use confstr on Linux to see if linuxthreads is...
2006-07-03 Anders S. MortensenTypo.
2006-07-03 Anders S. MortensenFixed a few typos.
2006-07-03 Marc Crommecorrected xml error
2006-07-03 Marc Crommesmall updates
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissDisable the termset feature for searches. We believe...
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissFixed a bug in termset search: the term name offset...
2006-07-03 Adam DickmeissUse confstr(_CS_GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION ..) to determine...
2006-07-02 Adam DickmeissAdded program to test scope of fcntl lock: process...
2006-07-01 Mike TaylorIgnore tstflock.out
2006-06-30 Adam DickmeissWrite seq to yaz_log
2006-06-30 Adam DickmeissDisable debug mode
2006-06-30 Heikki Levantotypo
2006-06-30 Marc Crommemultiple corrections from Heikki's suggestions, renamin...
2006-06-30 Adam DickmeissTest interprocess locks
2006-06-30 Marc Crommeanother typo
2006-06-30 Marc Crommetypo corrected
2006-06-30 Marc Crommeaded references to Koha, Emilda, Reindex and Alvis
2006-06-30 Adam DickmeissFurther testing of locks.
2006-06-30 Marc Crommeadded web service
2006-06-30 Marc Crommeadded update-alternatives script calls to map zebraidz...
2006-06-30 Adam DickmeissExperiments with file locks
2006-06-30 Marc Crommetypos corrected
2006-06-30 Marc Crommerewrite of extended service section to add new informat...
2006-06-30 Marc Crommeadded notes on Ubuntu installation
2006-06-29 Heikki Levantominor typos
2006-06-29 Adam DickmeissFix echo_source for idzebra-config. Update it to use...
2006-06-29 Marc Crommecorrect typo
2006-06-29 Adam DickmeissRevert. Libs installed in /usr/lib (again). Minor tweak...
2006-06-29 Marc Crommerenamed packages to *idzebra-2.0-*
2006-06-29 Marc Crommeadded bug number
2006-06-29 Adam DickmeissStore Zebra libs in <prefix>/lib/idzebra<suffix> and...
2006-06-28 Adam DickmeissMinor spell fixes
2006-06-28 Marc Crommeupdated debian package files to se idzebra-2.0 dirs
2006-06-28 Adam DickmeissSet IDZEBRAINC and IDZEBRATAB according to new install...
2006-06-28 Adam DickmeissInstall hooks puts versions for all bin_PROGRAMS programs.
2006-06-28 Adam DickmeissRemove no longer needed comments
2006-06-28 Adam DickmeissFix make distcheck .
2006-06-28 Adam DickmeissBuild shared libraries by default. Installing various...
2006-06-28 Adam DickmeissFixed bug #619: @not searches results in bad memory...
2006-06-28 Adam DickmeissAdded test cases for @and, @or, @not including bug...
2006-06-28 Adam DickmeissLog if pqf parsing fails
2006-06-27 Marc Crommemore upgrade changes documented
2006-06-27 Marc Crommedocument another upgrade snatch
2006-06-27 Adam DickmeissFile lock fixes for Windows
2006-06-27 Marc Crommeupgrade instructions from Zewbra 1.3
2006-06-27 Adam DickmeissBug #529. On Unix, combine pthreed locks with file...
2006-06-26 Marc Crommepreparing release 2.0.0 before.bug.529
2006-06-25 Marc Crommeadded few comments
2006-06-25 Marc Crommeadded i686 platform
2006-06-25 Marc Crommeupdated debian installation instruction
2006-06-23 Marc Crommeadded examples fo phrase and word search
2006-06-23 Marc Crommetypo
2006-06-23 Marc Crommesection on relation attributes added
2006-06-23 Adam DickmeissGet of of searchtype=always. Instead deal with always...
2006-06-23 Marc Crommeadded section on mapping of string/xpath/internal index...
2006-06-22 Adam DickmeissAlign code for regular word search and numeric search...
2006-06-22 Adam DickmeissFixed leak in rset_dup. It leaked rs->control handles.
2006-06-22 Adam DickmeissUsing wrbuf for internal X-Path string. Fixed uninitial...
2006-06-22 Adam DickmeissIndexing system change. Introduced new index category...
2006-06-22 Marc Crommezebra specific stuff split into advanced section
2006-06-22 Adam DickmeissAdded support for alwaysmatches on regular indexes...
2006-06-21 Marc Crommeadded section on idxpath query model
2006-06-21 Marc Crommeadded idxpath.att attribut set definition file
2006-06-21 Marc Crommeadded idxpath attribute set definitions
2006-06-20 Marc Crommeadded section on named result sets, and section on...
2006-06-16 Marc Crommeadded section on explain, search, scan and on PQN
2006-06-16 Marc Crommepretty-formatting tables, internal links veriefied...
2006-06-16 Adam DickmeissIgnore ChangeLog
2006-06-15 Marc Crommeadditional information on zebra functionalities and...
2006-06-14 Marc CrommeXML sanitize new text
2006-06-14 Adam DickmeissMore notes about query model.
2006-06-14 Marc Crommeadded extra information on zebra extentions to the...
2006-06-13 Adam Dickmeisszvrank no longer part of dist
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissCast size_t to long for printf
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissDont case to size_t when it is an int
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissRevert. Use int for record length (for retrieval)
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissFixed length modifier for prints.
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissFixed a couplr of prints of size_t
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissUse size_t for record length (for retrieval)
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissChanged several yaz_log calls which prints off_t value.
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissNo longer needed.
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissUse shell mode for and
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissFix year
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissRe-indent. Abort if YAZ is not found. Remove messages...
2006-06-13 Mike TaylorNew
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissDo not abort configure if no --enable-mod-- is given...
2006-06-13 Marc Crommeadded a lot of info about attribute sets, PQF query...
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissBump to version 1.4.1.
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissDisable X-Path indexing for explain records (in the...
2006-06-13 Adam DickmeissFix attset so that it points to explain.att