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2007-07-10 Adam DickmeissRemoved / in doc install rule to avoid double-slash...
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2007-05-22 Adam DickmeissUse entity idcommon rather than common
2007-03-21 Adam DickmeissDescribe the @type action for DOM filter
2007-03-21 Adam DickmeissMinor change in link to CQL material in YAZ
2007-03-08 Marc Crommecorrected typo
2007-03-08 Marc Crommeadded example of MARCXML indexing with chopping of...
2007-03-07 Marc Crommeremoved documentation of non-working 'insert', 'update...
2007-03-01 Marc Crommeremoved section on special record retrieval features...
2007-03-01 Marc Crommeremoved quick start and examples, which are very GRS...
2007-02-28 Marc Crommeclosing bug #928 by dropping DOM document to xmlbuffer...
2007-02-23 Adam DickmeissFix dist: do not put domfilter.eps in dist.
2007-02-22 Marc Crommeadded more instructions to DOM filter docs, spell check...
2007-02-22 Marc Crommeadded missing dependendy of index.html to all PNG files
2007-02-22 Marc Crommeadded missing domfilter.eps to make rules, such that...
2007-02-22 Adam DickmeissRemove PDF files from EXTRA_DIST/doc_DATA (as done...
2007-02-21 Adam Dickmeisszebra.pdf depends on domfilter.pdf
2007-02-21 Marc Crommemore info on DOM filter config
2007-02-21 Marc Crommeadded domfilter.svg to distribution tarball, now make...
2007-02-21 Marc Crommeadded more content on dom filter pipelines
2007-02-21 Marc Crommestarted explaining each dom filter pipeline
2007-02-21 Marc Crommeadded figure of workflow on DOM XML filter
2007-02-20 Marc Crommesmall changes to format
2007-02-20 Marc Crommeadded proper namespace in example config
2007-02-20 Marc Crommesome more changes, more to come
2007-02-20 Marc Crommeadded initial DOM XML filter documentation. Much is...
2007-02-05 Marc Crommedropped section on future directions
2007-02-05 Marc Crommespll checked
2007-02-05 Marc Crommefromatting of feature tables updated