Link with Tcl 8.5
[idzebra-moved-to-github.git] / debian / control
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissLink with Tcl 8.5
2012-05-31 Adam DickmeissBreak long lines in debian/control
2011-05-24 Adam DickmeissRequire libyaz4-dev >= 4.2.0
2010-05-17 Adam DickmeissDebian: update to libyaz4
2009-07-06 Adam DickmeissAllow records to be zlib-compressed
2008-09-11 Adam Dickmeissupdated Deb control description so that IDZebra is...
2008-06-06 Adam DickmeissVersion 2.0.32 v2.0.32
2008-03-03 Adam DickmeissFixed multiple Build-Depends lines.
2008-02-01 Marc Crommetweaking OAI-PMH example to install correctly both...
2007-12-19 Adam DickmeissRequire YAZ 3.0.17.
2007-08-27 Adam DickmeissPackage idzebra-2.0-utils depends on exact version...
2007-05-08 Adam DickmeissUse Odr_oid for OIDs. Require YAZ 3.0.2 or later.
2007-05-03 Adam DickmeissRequire YAZ 3
2007-02-23 Adam DickmeissWrap log messages for dom filter. This uses yaz_vsnprin...
2007-02-07 Marc Crommecorrected DEPRECIATED to DEPRECATED
2007-02-07 Marc Crommeadded debian libidzebra-2.0-mod-dom package
2007-01-24 Adam DickmeissDepend on YAZ 2.1.48 or later
2006-11-06 Adam DickmeissFilter 'text' loadable as most other filter types....
2006-10-16 Adam DickmeissBuild-Depends yaz > 2.1.36
2006-08-31 Marc Crommefixed dependency typo in libidzebra-2.0-modules which...
2006-08-16 Adam Dickmeiss Depends rather than Provides for libidzebra-2.0-modules
2006-08-15 Adam DickmeissUse Depends rather than Provides for idzebra-2.0 package
2006-08-14 Adam DickmeissFix Conflicts line with idzebra to use full version
2006-08-14 Adam DickmeissRemove conflicts with idzebra, but let idzebra-utils...
2006-08-10 Adam Dickmeissalvis module part of libidzebra-2.0-modules. Recommends...
2006-07-06 Adam DickmeissFixed recommends line which referred to non-existing...
2006-06-29 Adam DickmeissRevert. Libs installed in /usr/lib (again). Minor tweak...
2006-06-29 Marc Crommerenamed packages to *idzebra-2.0-*
2006-06-26 Marc Crommepreparing release 2.0.0 before.bug.529
2006-05-24 Adam DickmeissDepend on Tcl 8.4 instead of Tcl 8.3
2005-12-13 Marc Crommeadded alvis filter to debian package mechanism
2004-09-30 Adam DickmeissNew Debian sarge packages
2003-04-28 Adam DickmeissNew YAZ layout. idzebra-doc architecture independent. ZEBRA.
2003-02-18 Adam DickmeissUpdated for YAZ 1.9.3
2002-11-26 Adam DickmeissBuild depends YAZ 1.9.2
2002-09-09 Adam DickmeissUsing idzebra instread of zebra in filenames/directories
2002-09-06 Adam DickmeissChanged package names to idzebra, idzebra-doc
2002-09-05 Adam Dickmeisschanged zebra-runtime to section text, zebra-doc to...
2002-09-05 Adam DickmeissFix Depends, new version
2002-09-05 Adam DickmeissZebra Debian packages. Towards 1.3.2